Battle Royale games are all the rage and mostly everyone likes to play them. Pixel Royale is like a battle royale version of Minecraft, except it also kind of isn't. We are taking it back old school and making pixel games cool again! Go on an adventure in

Lets Get Retro In This Fun Pixel Royale Game

Von GLive    Gepostet am Jul 16, 2020

Battle Royale games are all the rage and mostly everyone likes to play them. Pixel Royale is like a battle royale version of Minecraft, except it also kind of isn't. We are taking it back old school and making pixel games cool again! Go on an adventure in this run-down city with many hidden weapons fighting for survival to be the only winner standing at the end. Survive in an apocalyptic city with elite soldiers who are trained to destroy you. Be quick and find the best weapons in the game before the enemy finds you! Get ready for a battle of the pixels in this epic battle royale mobile game. 

An open-world first-person shooter (FPS) game and it also has third-person shooter mode. The best action and shooting game, for those who like wars without using the internet, an offline game with good graphics. One of the best offline handcraft games in the battle royale genre, have fun with incredible wars against artificial intelligence! Play against AI bots and try to win the battle. During the war, the plane will drop weapons and accessories to increase your chances of survival. Tip: Climb the stairs and go to the top of the buildings, you will find many weapons and accessories to win the war. Climbing houses and buildings is a good strategy to win the game! Learn to shoot to destroy the enemy with a single shot! shooting from a distance is a good way not to be found on the battlefield!

How To Play Pixel Royal

Firstly, you need to be logged in and registered on the site. Then go to App Store or search for "Pixel Royale" and click download. Once the game has been downloaded, the fun will then begin! Once the app is open the QYKPin will automatically be filled in that is linked to your profile on the site, click "Connect" and all your profile information will be there. Once you all set up, you ready to have fun playing this cool battle royal game. When the game opens, an information panel will pop up with some useful tips to help you navigate the game, challenge others and become the best player. 

To play, tap on "Play Game" and then you will be taken to the waiting room which is an old run-down bar. You won't be waiting long and will be on an airplane in no time getting into battle with all the other players. When the airplane is in the sky, you will see a little parachute icon, tap on that icon when you want to jump off the plane. At the top left-hand side of the screen you will see the map. The little white arrow on the map is where you are located and in the direction you are going. To change the view and move around, hold tap and drag on the screen to move your view. On the left-hand side of the screen at the bottom, you will see a grey circle with a round dot in it, you use this to run as well as the direction you run in. The moment you have landed on the battlefield, you need to run around to find a gun or weapon to defend yourself. The guns and weapons will be spread out along the streets and parks for you find. To pick up a gun or weapon, walk over it and it will automatically be picked up and added to your inventory. 

There are 2 ways you can see what inventory you have, at the bottom of your screen and the backpack icon on the right-hand side of your screen. The 4 grey blocks at the bottom of your screen are where the guns and weapons you pick up will go, this for easy access when switching between weapons in battle. To view all of your inventory, click on the backpack icon and a popup board will show you your weapons and equipped gear that you have picked up. Once you are equipped with weapons, you are ready to start destroying the players one by one. To shoot at a player, simply aim the gun at them and it will automatically shoot. The gun will stop shooting once the player has died or when the gun is not pointed directly at the player. Move your player's position and the screen to aim your gun at the other player properly. For a better, more precise shot, tap on the aim icon so that you will have a sniper shot at the player you are trying to kill. To reload your ammunition, tap on the ammunition icon. 

To make your player jump, tap on the jump icon next to the aim button and to duck, tap on the duck icon located above ammunition. To change the camera to a wide view ao that you can see your player, tap on the camera icon, and to change it back, tap on that icon again. As the game goes on you will see a circle on the map the will keep getting smaller and smaller, this is the "Ring of Death". The inside of the circle is the zone you need to stay in, go out of that zone and you will slowly lose health and die. To find out how many players are left in the game, look under the map. The player that stays in the zone and kills every other player being the last one standing, will be the champion. When you die, the ending screen will show how many kills you got and what you were ranked in the game. To go back to the main menu, tap on "Quit to Menu". 

Tap on "Main Menu" on the screen to view the leaderboard, buy membership, tournaments and my tournaments. To buy membership, tap on Buy Membership and tap on buy to purchase membership. To see where you and other players are on the leaderboard, tap on Leaderboard. To enter an existing tournament or leave a tournament, tap on Tournaments and then tp on My Tournaments to view all the tournaments you have participated in.

Overall Pixel Royale is one of my favorite mobile battle royal games that is so much fun. This fun pixel game will keep you entertained for hours on end. Battle it out in this epic battle royale mobile game anytime and anywhere. Pixel Royale is so much fun and I know you will love it just as much as I do. So now that you've finished reading the article, there's only one thing left to do. Download Pixel Royale now and have an endless amount of fun at the end of your fingertips! 

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