5 Fun Games You Can Play on GLive. GLive is home to a ton of fun games and it may be hard to see and find all of them, but don't worry because here are 5 games that will definitely have you hooked!

5 Fun Games You Can Play on GLive

Von Katastrophic    Gepostet am Feb 12, 2019

GLive is home to a ton of fun games and it may be hard to see and find all of them, but don't worry because here are 5 games that will definitely have you hooked!

1. Whack Em All

Whack Em All is a fun arcade game that will definitely bring back some good old memories. The aim is to whack as many moles as you can when they pop their heads out of the hole.

How to play Whack Em All

The game is simple, so to play, tap on the play button. The game will then start, you are given a time limit and you have to whack as many moles on the head as you can. The further you go the more moles pop their heads out making it harder to tap on them all and might confuse you as to which is a mole and a bomb. So you need to be careful and not hit a bomb otherwise you will lose points and will end off on a low score! As Whack Em All is a high score game, the goal is to get the highest score every time so that you beat the other players. Although it is not a multiplayer game, it is a fun game to play and you can battle it out with your friend to see who gets the highest score.

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/whack-em-all

2. Kizi Kart

Kizi Kart is a fun racing game that will bring out your inner Lewis Hamilton! If you like a challenge then this is the perfect game to challenge yourself in. 

How to play Kizi Kart

To play, first select a character. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses so take a look at them all before you make your pick, once you have done that, tap on go to start the game. Use your arrow keys to steer your cart while using your powerups. Your powerups will show on the side of your screen, the image in the circle will tell you what powerup you have, tap on it or press spacebar to use it. Play through all the levels, win all the races and upgrade your main racer in the game to try to be the best racer. Start your engines and race through the worlds of KIZI KART with different scenes, environments and tournaments. Play as Kizi, Kissi, Spike, Tito or Gary. Avoid obstacles, take out your opponents and finish 1st in the Star Course, Rocket Race and the Kizi Cup. 

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/kizi-kart

3. Gold Miner Jack

Gold Miner Jack is one of the most enjoyable games that I have played. It has a time limit per level to reach certain goals which makes it extra fun and gets you wanting to achieve the goals set out. It is a fun casual game that will dig in your heart.

How to play Gold Miner Jack

You have to help Jack the Miner to mine all of the Gold and other valuable materials. Mine Materials such as the Gold, Silver, Diamonds and Gems that help you reach your goals in each level. As we know Gold has more value than Silver and Silver has more value than stone. In order to collect the materials, you will click (desktop) your mouse on the claw or tap (mobile) on the claw in order for it to go down and collect the materials. Avoid grabbing explosive barrels as they destroy any materials near to them. You can buy power-ups during gameplay which you can purchase from the store to help you through each level.

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/gold-miner-jack

4. Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash is a download jelly matching game with many different levels. The aim is to complete each level by popping jellies and completing the objectives. From breaking cookies to getting cakes to the bottom, Jelly splash will keep you entertained. 

How to play Jelly Splash

Click on three or more matching jellies next to each other to pop them. Each level has a specific task you must complete, from popping a certain jelly to breaking cookies. You must always get stars but you want to try and get the highest score possible. All the same colored jellies that are next to each other, below or at the top of each other will disappear when you swipe on that certain row of jellies. Slide your finger on the color of jellies that you want to disappear, you cannot swipe horizontally or diagonally. You only get a certain amount of moves in each level, so use those moves wisely as you are limited. The goal is to get the highest score so that you get all 3 stars. If you get stuck and don't know which jelly to move, wait a few seconds and a jelly will shake giving you a hint that you can swipe that jelly. There are stripped shaped jellies and when you use them it will eliminate the whole row. Other advantages include the jelly bomb, this can be swiped with any other color jelly and eliminate all of that color jelly in the table. Jellies with stars give you extra points, so you want to try and collect them all. Each new level that you go onto comes with new obstacles that you need to pass, destroy and overcome. This makes it harder for you o reach a high score and complete the task at hand. Some obstacles include crackers that you need to break and chocolate squares. 

Click on the link to download the game. https://www.glive.io/app-store/download-casual-games-games/jelly-splash

5. GOGI 1 and GOGI 2

The game is all about this cute little character called “GOGI”. Now at the 1st glance, he looks as if he was super Mario’s lost cousin who got forgotten on the island to fend of demon mushrooms by himself saying “Ey Mario, Luigi where did you go-gi!?”

How to play GOGI 1

In this game, you are running around a spherical world where you have to jump over the demon mushrooms which are coming to attack you while trying to collect the stars to move to the next level. Don’t come to close to the mushrooms as they will cause you to lose a life level. To play, use your arrows keys to move forward or back or to jump up. 

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/gogi-adventure


How to play GOGI 2

Each level is set in a magical garden where you have to try and find the key to open the portal to move to the next phase. In this one, you can jump on top of the demon mushrooms to kill them. But be aware of the man-eating plants, you can not kill them, so try and go around or jump as high as possible over them. Collect the orange spheres to gain more points. A cool feature is that these round spherical worlds from Gogi 1 are back. You can jump up into them to help overcome obstacles on the flat ground or even use them to jump onto the floating islands which hold many rewards and even that elusive portal key! Use your arrows keys to move forward or back or to jump up. 

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-casual-games-games-play-now/gogi-adventure-2

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