Today we show you how to play Tower Defense, a fun strategy game where you have to defend your tower against the enemies that are coming your way.

Walkthrough Wednesday - Tower Defense

Von Katastrophic    Gepostet am Oct 17, 2018

Welcome to Walkthrough Wednesday, today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Tower Defense. A fun strategy game where you have to defend your tower against the enemies that are coming your way. The game is available for download as well as play on the glive website. If you aren't a member already go an sign-up, its very easy and you have access to an array of great games!

Your tower is under attack and it is your duty to defend it by placing and upgrading towers along the way to destroy those enemies coming your way. The enemies come in waves, each level has 10 waves of enemies so you need to build enough towers to slow down and kill the enemies before they can reach a point that's near your tower. When you start each level, you get given a certain amount of building money for you to build a tower. There are 4 different towers you can choose from to build. The most basic tower that shoots arrows is your cheapest to build whereas the other towers are more expensive to build. Another tower has a wizard that shoots spells, there is also a tower that has a dragon and shoots fire and then the last tower shoots cannonballs.

The aim of the game is to destroy the waves of enemies and defend your tower as you move your way through the map and onto the different levels. Be the leader in your land and protect it from all the dangerous people that lurk on the map.  

How To Play

Once you have downloaded the game or opened it up on the website tap on Start Defense. The map will then pop up showing you the different levels, tap on level 1 and the game will begin. You will start to see enemies and wolfs coming your way from the left-hand side of the screen, be quick and start building your towers so that you can slow down the enemies. If you look at the top of your screen in the left-hand corner, you will see 3 different symbols with numbers. The first symbol is a heart with a 100 next to it, that is your health. The second symbol is a hammer with a 300 next to it, that is the amount of money you have to build a tower. Lastly, the third symbol is a skull and says wave 0/10, that is the number of waves of enemies you will get coming your way and how many have already passed. 

To build a tower, tap on the hammer icons spread across the sides of the pathway, a circle will then pop up with 4 options, these are the different towers you can choose from. The green arrow is a tower that shoots arrows, blue triangle is a wizard shooting spells, the red ball is a dragon shooting fireballs and the cannonball well, shoots cannonballs. An arrow tower will cost you 80, a wizard tower will cost you 100, a dragon tower costs you 125 and a cannonball tower costs you 350. 

To start off build as many arrow towers as you can as it is the cheapest one and can kill the enemies off while you get more money. The more enemies you kill, the more money you make and then you can upgrade your tower to a more powerful one and you can cover the pathway in towers. If you do this, the enemies do not stand a chance and won't make it even close to coming near to destroy your tower. If an enemy does manage to get past and make its way to your tower, you will lose health and your tower will be taken over. Each enemy that passes takes away a quarter (25) of your health, so if 4 enemies past, you will lose. 

The graphics are simple and mimic a cartooned medieval battle where you defend your tower from the enemies that lurk in the forest. If you like strategy games you then you will enjoy this one. I enjoyed this game but there were times where I hoped there would be a different kind of enemy from a new wave to change it up a bit. Overall it is a great game that you can play! Alright now you know how to play the game, why are you still reading this and not play Tower Defense already?!

Click on the download button below to download and click on the play button to play the game.

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Overall Rating: 7/10

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