Its time to get your working boots on as you are going to build your own Zoo! That's right Zoo 2: Animal Park is a fun MMO game where you have to restore and build up an old zoo that aunt Josephine has right behind. Are you ready to save the zoo?

Zoo 2 Animal Park MMO Game

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Going to the Zoo when you were younger was a vital part of your childhood. Every kid loves animals and let's face it, we cant see every different animal in the world in the little town you live in without going to a zoo. Now its time to get your working boots on, as you are going to build your own Zoo! That's right Zoo 2: Animal Park is a fun MMO game where you have to restore and build up an old zoo that Aunt Josephine has right behind. Are you ready to save the zoo?

How To Play

The story begins with Aunt Josephine passing on and leaving her beloved zoo behind, but the mayor wants to tear it down. Aunt Josephine loves animals and would hate to see the zoo be torn down. It's up to you to repair and restore it back to the once glorious zoo it was. In the game, your "grandad" helps guide you through repairing the zoo and also deals with the dreadful mayor in the beginning. After begging not to shut down the zoo, the mayor tells you that you have to get 5 visitors to come to the zoo before the end of the day in order to save it from not being shut down. 

You will then be taken through the tutorial, showing you how to feed the animals, how to build an animal pen and then purchasing and placing an animal in that enclosure, buying decorations such as flowers, trees, buildings and carts where visitors can buy food, drinks, go to the bathroom and more. On the right-hand side of your screen is where you will see your quests, complete these in order to get more money, stars and rewards such as decorations, animals, building and more.

To complete some of these quests, you need to purchase decorations, animals, buildings and more. To do this you will see the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your screen, click on the green arrow for the menu to drop-down. You will see that there are 6 items, they are cards, a trolly, a puzzle piece, a chest box, friends and a trophy. Click on the category you want to have a look at and you will see that there are sub-categories as well. Under the shop, each category has a sub-category based on the different animals and their environment, different decorations from plants to trees to fencing and more. If you don't know where to purchase and item to complete a quest, click on the quest and it will automatically open up the shop to where you can buy the item.

Each animal and enclosure costs a different amount to purchase. The first animals you will purchase is the bunny and horse. Bunnies are the cheapest animals to start with and they need a grassland enclosure. The further along you go the more expensive animals become available. Some cost you diamonds whereas others will cost you coins. You need to feed the animals, clean their enclosures and play with them in order to get rewards and make the visitors happy. Enclosures need to be along the walkway in order for visitors to see the animals. If it is not along the walkway the animals in the enclosure will not even be acknowledged as the visitors will not see them and you won't earn points or rewards.

To extend your zoo, you need to purchase land from an old man called Gilbert Grump. You do this by clicking on the flags located on a piece of land surrounded by stone pebbles. The flag will then tell you how much that plot of land will cost you. If you have enough money you will be able to purchase it. Once you have placed decorations, buildings and enclosures, that doesn't mean they are permanently placed there. Everything can be moved and rotated in the game, including the walkway. You have the option to change up your zoo and restructure where everything goes whether you want all the grassland animals in one section, water animals in another section and so on and so forth. While relocating or moving something, if it goes red, that means that there is something already in that place or is on half on an enclosure, decoration or building and therefore can not be placed there even if you try.

You can invite friends via their support ID. The more friends you have, the better as you can help them out and they can help you out. To help out friends click on their profile and say help, you will be given small tasks such as catching the crows, catching the animals that have gotten out of their enclosures and giving balloons to all the crying kids. Help out 10 friends and you will get to unlock a chest. The chest contains 8 puzzle pieces, flip over 4 pieces and redeem the puzzle pieces you have chosen. Under the puzzle piece icon on the menu bar, you will see all the puzzles that you have started collecting. Once you have collected all the pieces in one puzzle, you will get that puzzle item, animal, decoration or building for free. When placing what you have bought at the shop, it will automatically go into the deck of cards icon. That is like your inventory where all of your items are stored. To place something in the zoo, drag the object or animal and place it where you want to.

Can I just say WOW, this game has me thinking about my zoo all day every day! I love how interactive this game is and how you can change things around and make it your own There's no rush or time limit on the quests and its pretty much just one of the coolest MMO games left now. Zoo 2 is so much fun and will have you wanting to build the greatest zoo ever. There's no need for me to even say it because you can just tell how much I am into this game, but if you cant take a hint, play and download this game now!

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