Walkthrough Wednesday - Home Makeover 4. Welcome to another Walkthrough Wednesday! Today is a mixture of a hidden object game and Match-3, its called Home Makeover 4!

Walkthrough Wednesday - Home Makeover 4

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Welcome to another Walkthrough Wednesday! Today is a mixture of a hidden object game and Match-3, its called Home Makeover 4!

The game storyline is that Emma who has a keen eye for design has been invited by her old friend from College, Ben, who has asked her to help renovate his new mansion in the UK.

How the game works is, you only have access to one room to start, you have to unlock access to other rooms. In order to do this, you have to have “sales” to clear out all of Bens old clutter to make money for renovations. When a sale takes place multiple character pop up asking for a certain object, which you have to find within the time limit. Some are harder to find than others, but you can zoom in to the room to look for other objects which may be hidden behind a sofa for example – Hey it’s not called a hidden object game for nothing.

There are hints which you can use to help locate items faster, but these are limited and are only awarded to you for playing well. They include a set of binoculars, a magnifying glass hint, compass, and my favorite which is the magnet – it literally pulls all the items out for you and so helping you complete levels faster. But you have very few of the magnet hint so use wisely if you have it. Once you unlock more rooms, Ben will set tasks, such as clearing up his library. This means you must focus solely on that specific room. Clear up the mess he sets for you and you are rewarded with playing a match-3 round which will reward you with extra points to help speed up the renovations.

In the main room that Ben wants renovated, you have a variety of things you can change up. From the wallpaper, staircase, carpets, furniture, plants and almost anything in sight! Wait! This is where you have to think carefully about what to buy, as each item costs money, and each item has a different reward. For structural repairs, you require building materials as well as money. This is where the Match-3 element is so important. In the match phase, you are rewarded with the items that you have matched such as wood, iron, bricks and paints.

As the game progresses Emma’s cat arrives, and you can even customize her look with different outfits and hats.

Help Emma to renovate her friend's mansion now! It is such a great game that requires a lot more than just a fast eye, you have to think strategically about the project as a whole.

The game looks great with wonderful attention to detail. I loved the fact you can customize many of the pieces of furniture. The only thing that I would say is that it is a very slow progressing game. But is a great game to play in some down time to relax. Overall I would recommend playing it.

The game is available for download, so click on the button below and start playing left now!

Click on the download button now to download and play the game.


Developers: Tamalaki
Mode: Single Player

Overall Score: 8/10

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