Walkthrough Wednesday - Dead City. Welcome to a Spooky Halloween Walkthrough Wednesday! Today is a scary game that you can play on Glive as well as download called Dead City.

Walkthrough Wednesday - Dead City

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Welcome to a Spooky Halloween Walkthrough Wednesday! Today is a scary game that you can play on Glive as well as download called Dead City. Do you have what it takes to survive in this Dead City riddled with zombies, monsters and demon dogs? Check out the video to see how to play and give it a try now!

As today is Halloween, we decided to walk you through one the scariest games we have available on glive for you to play. Not only can you play the game on our site, but you can also download it. To find the game to play or download it search Dead City in the search engine and then select either the download option or the play option. Once you have done that, the game will open, click on the play icon and your nightmare will then begin! An information bar will then pop up showing you how to play. Tap on the zombies, monsters and dogs to shoot at them and tap on the guns reload chamber to reload it with bullets. 

Now that you know what to do, click on the forward button. You are in a dark city wandering the empty streets alone when you notice zombies coming your way. You whip out your revolver and start to shoot at them, but don't forget to reload before they get too close to you. The first set of zombies make their way, in true zombie style they are a little slow and it takes only 1 bullet to take them down. Don't be too confident as that's not all there is lurking in the shadows, another type of zombie is making its way to you and it takes more than a single bullet to destroy them. 

Just when you think you've got things under control, out comes running demon dogs from every angle and the scariest monster you will see! With a screech that can make anyone's skin crawl and a face wide open ready to inhale you, it's your worst nightmare that you can't escape. These monsters feel nothing and it takes just over half your bullets to take those creatures down! You have an unlimited amount of ammo but to reload is the tricky part as you don't release how much you fly through bullets. your health bar is at the top of your screen, the moment it runs out, you die and will have to start again. 

There are many waves of zombies, monsters and dogs that come your way, each wave gets harder and harder with hoards of them coming your way. Try to make it as far as you can while surviving all the waves. A game that will make your jump in fear and keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation waiting for the next creepy thing to make its way out the dark. This is definitely the perfect game to play on Halloween and for all you horror lovers out there. The environments and sounds make you feel like you are in an abandoned dead city all alone and you are fighting to survive. Give this game a play now and let us know what you think. 

Click on the play button to play and the download button to download the game.

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Overall Rating:8/10

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