Walk Through Wednesday-Heroes and Puzzles. Welcome to another great Walkthrough Wednesday! Today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Heroes and Puzzles.

Walk Through Wednesday-Heroes and Puzzles

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Welcome to another great Walkthrough Wednesday! Today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Heroes and Puzzles.

Heroes and Puzzles is a fun 3 in a row style game that requires thought and planning to complete each level and defeat the bosses. Puzzle your way through an exciting adventure and unlock the thrilling campaign story mode. Play the game and become a true legend, then challenge your friends in Player-versus-Player matches to reach the top of the rankings. The story starts off by Ambriel asking for your help. The Necromancer has burned down the village Runemoor to feed his army to the undead. Ambriel needs your help to defeat him, do you think you can help?

How To Play

You start off on level 1 and play as the character Aeron. The Necromancer has summoned a skeleton to block your path, you have to defeated and destroy the skeleton to move onto the next level. The battle will then begin, your hero's color is green. Try match as many green Runes together as they will give your character more power. The more power you get and the better match 3 sequence you create, you will be able to attack your opponent and minus points from them eventually destroying them.

With every battle, Heroes get more experience and glory. Ranks restrict your Hero's level so try to get as much Glory as you can because Glory influences your rank. You have made your way to level 2, the Necromancer is determined to stop you in your path. He assigns another one of his skeletons to defeat you, now you are up against 2 of his evil men. As you take the fighting arena, you need to think strategically in order to get the best match so that you can take a swing at your opponents. The better your match, the higher the amount of destruction you will cause on your opponent making it easier to destroy them. You make one big match and swing at your opponent minusing 40 points, destroying them to dust.

Allocated at both the top and bottom of the match 3 arena is your health in points. The Necromancer has 31 points and you have 35 points. You are stronger than your opponent, but don't think that will save you as you need to fight for it. Your first strike on your opponent takes 20 points away leaving them with just 11 points. You go again with another swing taking 20 points again, but this time they don't have enough life and takes their 11 health points straight away.

With determination and a strong fight, you scare the Necromancer into fleeing back to the dead lands and he swears that you will not make it to his castle as he has his Pigmen and Skeletons guarding every step of the way. To go to the main menu, tap on Main Menu. The panel at the top of your screen shows the most important information about you. This is where you can change the name of your party, see your current rank, your adventure progress, arena wins percentage, heroes unlocked, collected Hero sets and effects active for the whole party.

Under the main menu, there is a shop where you can purchase extra things for your heroes and more. There is Heroes, Inventory, Portal, Arena, Boss fight and Adventure options. Adventure allows you to fight monsters, collect heroes and equip them with the best items. Your mission is to now search for survivors and find the entrance to the pigman Marshes at the end of the road. When you are playing in Adventure mode, you get awarded trophies everytime you win a battle.

Your first Adventure battle is with a Bandit who was looting houses in the village. Develop a strategy, create the perfect match and destroy your opponent. If you go to heroes in the Main Menu, you can reward them. First, you need to tap on the available hero or hero that you want to reward. To check what weapons and equipment you have, go to Inventory under Main Menu. Here you will see all your inventory, you can unlock more equipment as well as sell your inventory pieces.

Heroes and Puzzles is a really fun puzzle game that challenges you and makes you feel apart of the story. The further along you go, the more challenging and exciting the game becomes. The graphics are colorful and vibrant, very warrior and Medieval-like. The music and sound effects fit perfectly into the story of the game and each action performed sounds real. This download game is great to have on your phone as you will find yourself wanting to play Heroes and Puzzles every day and at every hour. If you are up for a challenging puzzle, then this is the game for you!

Click on the download button to download the game.


Overall Rating: 8/10

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