TwoSdayz - Neon Pong. Today we decided to play Neon Pong.

TwoSdayz - Neon Pong

بواسطة Katastrophic    نشر على Oct 16, 2018

 Welcome to TwoSdayz! Every Tuesday Kat and Curt battle it off in one of the many Multiplayer games GLive. Today we decided to play Neon Pong.

A fun game that has been played by the young and the old, by the innocent, the competitors and those who play as a drinking game. Now you don't have to wish you had a ping pong table at home because we have a fun version of ping pong available on your mobile device in neon! Neon Pong is a fun take on a ping-pong style game where you hit a neon ball back and forth without missing the ball. 

The aim of the game is to hit the ball towards your opponent in such a way that your opponent will miss hitting the ball back to you do this by blocking the ball that's coming towards you and to hit it in a certain way and angle towards your opponent. The longer you stay in the game, the quicker the game gets with the ball shooting faster and faster.

To Play search for Neon Pong on the glive website and then click on play now. You then get given 2 options to choose from Classic mode and Boosted mode. Classic mode is the normal mode and Boost mode has power-up boosts that you collect while battling your opponent so that you can use to your advantage and beat your opponent. Once you have selected a mode to play you then need to choose to play either a bot (the computer) or another play which is your friend. If you select to play against your friend, a guide will pop up showing you and your player which keys they can use on a pc or on your mobile you swipe your paddle back and forth with your finger on the screen. When playing, boosters will fly around and you need to try hit the neon pong ball so that it hits the booster in order to use it.

If you choose to verse a bot, you get to choose the level of difficulty you want to play against your bot with, either easy, medium or hard mode. Once you start playing you will see on the side are little circles, there are 7 on each players side. This means that there are 9 rounds, whoever wins a round gets a circle filled in, the one with the most filled in means that player wins. If you play against a friend, you can place the phone down on the table with one side facing your friend and the other side facing you like a real ping pong table. 

The graphics are simple and basic as the neon really adds a fun element to a classic game! Curtis and I had great fun playing this game and so will you. You can enjoy playing Neon Pong with your friends or just a chilled game by yourself to relax whilst still having a bit of the competitive feel.

Neon Pong can be played on the GLive website. Click on the play button below to go to the play page.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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