TwoSdayz - Morabaraba Duel. Welcome to TwoSdayz! Every Tuesday Kat and Curt battle it off in one of the many Multiplayer games on GLive. 

TwoSdayz - Morabaraba Duel

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Welcome to TwoSdayz! Every Tuesday Kat and Curt battle it off in one of the many Multiplayer games GLive. Today we decided to play one of our very own, Morabaraba.

Morabaraba originated in Africa and is a traditional game that was played by many people. The game has many names that vary in languages from the different African countries. It is a two-player strategy game that can be made with stones, sands and bottle caps in the rural countries. The game consists of a board and 2 different color bottle caps or also known as cows. You can either vs a friend or a bot( the device). There are 3 stages to Morabaraba, stage 1 is placing the bottle caps/cows, stage 2 is moving the bottle caps/cows and stage 3 is flying the bottle caps/cows. 

Each person will get a turn to place all their caps on the board. Once both the players have done that, its then time to strategically move your caps in the left position so that you can fly/flick one of your opponents bottle caps/cows off the board. The aim is to have the most bottle caps/cows on the board than your opponents. You need to make a row of 3 of your bottle caps in order to flick one of your opponent's caps off. If you have the most caps right and your opponent only has 2 or less on the board, you will win. 

I may have been a bit too confident thinking I would win and beat Curtis, but he is too sneaky and thought of a really good strategy to destroy me. He may have won this one, but the battle isn't over, I will get him back. It is a dun game that you can play with friends as well as by yourself. Very simple graphics and a good brain teaser that will get you thinking.

Curtis and I had loads of fun playing this game as we both are very competitive. If you enjoyed today's TwoSdayz video, then check us out every Tuesday at 11:30 were we will battle it off for victory while one of us walks away with a bruised ego. If there's a GLive game that you want to see Curtis and I battle each other against, let us know in the comments below. 

Morabaraba can be played on the GLive website as well as downloaded. Click on the play button below to go to the play page and the download button to download.

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Overall Rating: 7/10

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