GLive offers a variety of games in almost every genre for you to play. Here are our Top Match 3 games.

Top Match 3 games

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GLive offers a variety of games in almost every genre for you to play. We strive to be the best and to always make sure that we only offer the best of games to our gamers. That's why we are constantly adding new games so that the choice is never-ending, which means never-ending fun! As we always adding new stuff, you might miss a new game. No need to stress because here are our Top match 3 games, so go and give them a try. 

1. Monster Match

Monster Match is a scary cute monster game that will have you hooked the moment you start playing it. You need to match the monsters with each other to get a higher score and more time to stay in the game. The timer slowly ticks down so you need to try and make a long match in order to get a big time-bonus for you to keep playing. To play, click a monster and match it with 2 or more of the monsters next to it that look the same. How long do you think you can stay in the game?

Click on the link to play Monster Match,

2. Jewel Duel

Fight your way through the enemies in this cool match 3 style game. Choose between 3 characters with 3 different play styles and collect coins to level up and upgrade yourself. You can buy and use potions to give you an advantage in a battle. Match 3 or more identical blocks, each with their own abilities that will help you out. Tiles can give you mana, shields, coins or can help you with attacking. After every move, it's your opponents turn so be sure to beat enemies, level up, collect more coins and grow stronger so that you can beat the tougher enemies.

Click on the link to play Jewel Duel,

3. Match Drop 

Match Drop is a fun puzzle Match 3 game with a tap style. There are many different levels and tasks that you must complete in order to move onto the next level. To play, tap or click on any 3 or more diamonds with the same color. If you tap more than 5 diamonds, you will get a bonus item like a bomb that has the power to wipe out many of the diamonds in order to complete your task faster. You only have a certain amount of moves, so use them wisely.

Click on the link to play Match Drop,

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