Can you believe its Friday! Here are our top 3 games for you to play this weekend.

Top 3 Weekend Games

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Can you believe its Friday! Feels like Monday started a month ago and we are happy that the weekend has swang around so that we can play an endless amount of games. Do you have any games in mind that you think you will be playing? Well, don't stress if you haven't a clue because here are our top 3 games for you to play this weekend.

1. Super Kid Adventure

Go on an amazing adventure with Super kid. Collect gems, kill monsters and avoid obstacles to get to the end of each of the challenging levels. The goal is to collect all 3 diamonds and make it to the end of the level within the time limit. To play, use the arrow keys to move around. Jump, duck and run through the levels as you avoid obstacles and monsters. It is a high score game, so are you up for the challenge? 

Click on the link to go to the game.

2. Monsters up

Jump as high as you can while balancing on the structure below you. To play, click or tap to jump and land on the piece below you. If you land wrong the balance could be off and you could burst, leading to you having to start over. After every star you reach, you get a new little cute and colorful monster to play with that will also change the scene you are in to the color of the monster. The higher you get and longer you last in the game, the higher you score will be. 

Click on the link to play the game.

3. Tinbo Dash

Tinbo Dash is an infinity runner game with 3 really cool worlds for you to run through. With 3 worlds floating in the sky, you get to experience 3 different themes. A fun and colorful carnival run, a train station ready to take you on an adventure and a steampunk-inspired industrial city that will take you back to another time. To play, use the arrow keys or tap on the side of the screen you want to lean to and swipe up on the screen to jump. Collect coins to reach a new level and collect the special pickups to have a special level play for a short period of time. Avid the obstacles while collecting all the coins and racing through all the levels in this fun game. How far can you get?

Click on the link to play Tinbo Dash,

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