Here are our Top 3 Board games for you to play. 

Top 3 Board Games

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GLive offers a variety of games in almost every genre for you to play. We strive to be the best and to always make sure that we only offer the best of games to our gamers. That's why we are constantly adding new games so that the choice is never-ending, which means never-ending fun! As we are always adding new stuff, you might miss a new game. No need to stress because here are our Top 3 Board games for you to play. 

1. Ludo Multiplayer

Ludo, a strategic board game that was in almost every household and pulled out for a fun family game night. To play, select either 2 players, 3 players or 4 players and then pick the colors you want to play as. Whichever color the play button is on, that is the player that starts. Once you have rolled the dice, it is the next player's turn. The game will only begin once a player has rolled a 6 on the dice. You can only put one of your pieces on to the board once you roll a 6. If you have not rolled a 6, then you have to keep on rolling until you get one to start the game.

Each player gets a turn to roll the dice. If you have a piece already on the board and you roll, tap on that piece to move forward the number you have rolled on the dice. The aim is to get all of your pieces around the board and up to your color in the block in the middle of the board before the other players. Every time you roll a 6 you get to roll again, so you can either add another piece on to the board or move an existing one. Once one of your pieces make it onto your color strip to the center box, you need to roll the exact number in order to get into the box. If you roll a number to high, your piece can't move. 

Click on the link to play Ludo Multiplayer,

2. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a board game that consists of either 2 or more players. There are different lengths of snakes and ladders scattered around the board. If you land on a snakes mouth, you travel all the way down to the snake's tail as if you were swallowed, ending up on a different spot on the board. If you land at the bottom of the ladder, you climb all the way to the top of the ladder to another higher spot on the board. To play tap on play, and then select which mode, either snakes and ladders or baby and ladders the choose to verse either a player/players or a bot (the computer). Once you have done that, select the number of players that will be playing, the maximum amount of players that can play is 6.

Each player will be a different color piece, whichever piece is flashing with an arrow, indicates that it's their turn to roll the dice. Tap on the dice to roll and your piece will move the amount you got, each player will get a turn to go. If you only need a 1 on the dice to finish and you roll a 3, you will move 3 and go back 2 places. Do you think you can make it to the top and be the winner?

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3. Master Chess

Chess is a multiplayer game between 2 people, the aim is to take away your opponent's pieces and force your opponent's king into checkmate before he/she does. Your chess pieces can only move in a certain direction on the board or on certain blocks. Luckily if you are still learning and not sure where your pieces can move, tap on your chess piece and the blocks on the board will light up showing you where you can place your piece. You can either verse a bot or a friend, but remember each move is being timed so you need to try to think fast.

Click to select and click to move each chess piece to a different place on the board. Once you have managed to put your opponent's king into checkmate, the game is over and you have won. It isn't just a quick game unless you have a really great strategy. It is a brain thinking and time ticking game that will definitely bring out some intense competition between you and your opponent. When playing with a friend, you can place the phone down on the table as if it was a real-life chessboard. Except it is a digital chessboard, both you and your friend can play one game of chess off one phone.

Click on the link to play Master Chess,

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