Tinbo Mac Dash is now Live on the McDonald's App and you can win some great deals and vouchers while playing this awesome game.

Tinbo Mac Dash

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Tinbo Mac Dash is now Live on the McDonald's App and you can win some great deals and vouchers while playing this awesome game. Tinbo is on a new adventure and this time its a big one! Tinbo Mac Dash is a fun infinity runner where Tinbo runs through different worlds collecting coins and pick ups while avoiding obsticles in the way. Playing games is epic, but winning vouchers and deals, well thats on another level of awesome. 

With months of hard work, Tinbo has become a staple in our vocabulary, but how could he not, hes the cutest robo-box you will ever see! Now theres 2 things I love, and thats McDonald's and games, oh and Tinbo ofcourse. Now combine them together and you get a killer app that will have you never wanting to eat anything else but McDonald's and playing Tinbo Mac Dash. 

How To Download the McDonald's App

So how can a get in on this dashing deal? Well its as easy as going to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, searching for the McDonald's app, downloading it and getting straight to playing Tinbo Mac Dash. Some of the deals include flight vouchers, takealot vouchers, food deals and more. I mean now that is a sweet deal!

How To Play Tinbo Mac Dash

All you have to do is tap and hold on the side of the screen you want Tinbo to run towards and then tap near the center of the screen for Tinbo to jump. Collect coins and pickups while avoiding the obstacles in the way. There are daily challenges that you need to achieve in order to get the deals and vouchers. These challenges include picking up certain or a certain amount of pickups, reaching a certain number of points and so on. 

Tinbo Mac Dash 

For a few months now, GameZBoost has created an amazing game for McDonalds that is intergrated into the McDonald's App through Smart Webview. With the Tinbo Mac Dash game fully customised with McDonald's branding as well as a custom Tinbo, McDonlad's now has the perfect game for their Website and App. There are daily challenges for players to unlock deals (food and non-food). Tinbo Mac Dash is fully intergrated with the McDonlad's Loyalty and Rewards platform and automatically posts to users Deals Page. Working closely with McDonald's, GameZBoost has created a fun game that is strong in branding and perfect for McDonald's customers allowing them to interact more on their website and app instead of just purchasing food. Something Fun and new that draws more customers in wanting to be apart of the Tinbo Mac Dash experience.

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