The Powerpuff Girls Lets Play Thursday. Fighting crime trying to save the world and they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls, Powerpuff!

The Powerpuff Girls Lets Play Thursday

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Fighting crime trying to save the world and they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls, Powerpuff! Now if you didn't sing that in your head, did you even watch cartoons as a child? Today we take you on a trip down memory lane to the best times, your childhood where you watched cartoons all day and all night. Well, on weekends as no matter how we tried to get out of it, we had to go to school Monday to Friday...meh!

As Curtis and I are suckers for nostalgic games, we thought this game would be perfect to play. There are many different Powerpuff Girls games available on the Cartoon Network website for you to play but our favorite one is Powerpuff Girls Hypno Bliss. A fun and colorful game with many levels for you to play. 

The game starts off in story mode showing you that one of the Powerpuff Girls look-alikes has been hypnotized by this big buzzing bug. It is now their mission to destroy this Evil bug and his army in order to save the look-alike who is actually their other sister Bliss! Bliss was eventually destroyed by the girls because she was evil! From the start you get to choose which Powerpuff you want to play as, both Curtis and I played as Blossom and later on Curtis switched to Bubbles. In each level, there are stars for you to collect while trying to pass the level. To control your character you use your arrow keys, to go from side to side you use your side arrow keys and to speed up or shoot to one side you double tap on them. To jump, single tap on your top arrow key and then to fly double tap on the top arrow key. To shoot down, double tap on your down arrow key. To pick up keys and guns, tap on the space bar and to shoot the gun use the X key. 

As you progress each level gets harder and harder. Throughout the level, areas are blocked off and the only way you can get past/through is to unlock it with a key. The keys are scattered in different areas of the level for you to find. It sounds easy but it is a lot more challenging as most of the time it is being blocked by the evil bugs army of mosquitos, snails that shoot out fireballs and slugs. Every time you get hit by one or touch one, you lose a life. You are only given 3 lives which are the hearts at the top right-hand corner of your screen, but don't worry as there are hearts hidden throughout the level that you can collect and gain an extra life. 

The game consists of 21 levels, these levels are broken up into 3 different environments, the first few levels are in some sort of a forest or garden. Once you have completed all of those levels you go onto the dark level. This is a tricky one as there is no light and you have to carry a torch around. While some levels have bulbs that you can light up with the torch around the level, other levels don't so you have to carry the torch where ever you go so that you can see. This makes it harder for you to see if there is a mosquito coming to attack you or if a snail shoots a fireball at you. 

After completing all the dark levels, you move onto the last levels where you are in the city. Now, this level gets tricky as there is a powerbomb that disables you from flying, you have to find your way to that machine and deactivate it in order to fly again. If you thought you only had to deal with the enemies stopping you well there are now boulders that are blocking your path. The only way to get through is to blow the boulders up with the bombs. But! The moment you pick up the bomb you have 5 seconds to place it where you want to before it blows up. So you need to be quick and fast otherwise you will lose a life if it blows up while you are still carrying it. 

Overall it is a really fun game that Curtis and I love. Once we got started playing we could not stop until we completed the whole game. It is definitely one of our favorite Cartoon network games that we have played and wish there were more levels so we could continue to play. It is a fun, free game that can be played by everyone. 

The graphics are bleft and colorful while the music was cute and calming and quite frankly almost put me to sleep it was so relaxing! Click on the link below to go and play the game.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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