How to survive Rage. If you are a casual gamer, hardware enthusiast, cosplayer or a hardcore gamer then the rAge Expo is for you.

How To Survive Rage

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If you are a casual gamer, hardware enthusiast, cosplayer or a hardcore gamer then the rAge Expo is for you. The rAge Expo will be celebrating its 16th year on the weekend of October the 5th till the 7th and will be bigger and better than previous years. I put this list together of how to survive rAge and the NagLan.

Who to go with?

Whoever you choose to join you, whether it be a significant other or a friend, make sure they are fans of gaming or geek culture. The last thing you want is to go with somebody that who after an hour or two gets bored and starts complaining that they want to leave while you are enjoying taking everything in.

When should you go?

This depends largely on you. Do you hate big crowds where you can’t even walk around? Are you going to buy new merch, hardware on special, Esport tournaments or just going for the atmosphere and the experience?

If you are there for all the merch and stalls selling components or figurines, then Friday and Sunday will be the days for you. It’s the day with the least crowds. Saturdays have the most happening, but the crowds are insane. Sunday will have all the Esports finals which is great if that is why you are going. The more hardcore fans and gamers will get the weekend pass or the elusive fan favorites, The NagLan tickets but those are normally sold out within a day or two.

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Where to visit first?

So many stands are always trying to impress us which makes it hard to see where you want to go. Stands like Xbox and PlayStation always have their newest games available to play at their stands. If you want to try out some of the newest games out that’s where you should head to first to skip the long queues as everybody wants to try those games. Razer, Cooler Master and other companies always show off their newest and best gear and have them for sale for those interested. There are stalls that everything you want from components to games to clothing to knives even. Just have a slight plan on where to go around as some stalls have more traffic than others. I suggest you go check out the gaming stalls first so you can test out any new titles and beat the crowds, then go do all your shopping and eating closer to the end of the day as you won't have to carry everything around.

What to expect?

Expect tons of gamers, geeks, nerds, cosplayers (they provide amazing photo opportunities sometimes). Be prepared by wearing your most comfortable shoes as you going to spend a lot of time walking around. Bring your wallet with a card or cash because rAge has many amazing specials. If you are planning on buying a lot of merch and hardware or components I suggest you bring a decent sized bag with you to carry everything in. If you aren’t planning on buying anything bring a bag in case you get tempted on buying anything that is on discount or to store any freebies and giveaways that stalls often give out to promote themselves more.

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A few warnings I’ve learned from thanks to going to rAge before that I wish I knew then.

Cash is better than a card. Taking cash with gives you a set budget to deal with instead of spending money on this one last component because it's on a 55% special and you really want it.

Drink lots of water. The venue gets hot and with all the walking you are doing it is advised to drink lots of water and buy food from the many vendors selling food and drinks for us. Just be prepared to pay a lot for food as they aren’t the cheapest.

Arrive with a fully charged phone and a power bank as it’s a long day and you will be taking pictures, calling friends, sending WhatsApp’s and googling to see if that component is worth getting. Most phone batteries won’t last all that time.

Be safe and on guard. Events like this and many others always have plenty of security guards that are there to prevent anything from happening however that doesn’t mean any of our light-fingered friends won’t be there to try level up there pick-pocketing skills. With so many people everywhere and everybody bumping into each other it's pretty easy to not feel a hand slip in and take your phone or wallet.

Once again, WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. You don’t want to leave cause your feet hurt.


To the more hardcore gamers who were lucky enough to get hold of NagLan tickets, this bit of info is for you.

NagLan tickets give you access to the whole weekend and the lan. You may only bring one platform to game on per ticket. Your console/laptop/desktop requires a special red plug (pictured below) to power it up, they only cost around R80. The cable needs to power up your gaming platform and monitor. The max monitor size allowed is 27" or smaller as each gamer has limited space for seating. (I don't know how strict they are on this, Just don't try bringing a 40" TV or anything)

You are not allowed to bring any UPS’s, speakers (use headphones, else you won't really hear much) or any multiplugs, adapters, switches or hubs. If you want to charge your phone you will need to charge it from your gaming platforms USB port. Network cables will be supplied.

If you leave to go buy food or anything try to have a friend look after your mouse, keyboard, headphones and anything small that's easy to steal or keep them all with you.

There is limited reserve parking for the people attending the NagLan at a first come first serve basis, seating is also at first come first serve basis. You may ask somebody not to sit next to you as you want a friend to sit there but they don’t have to listen to you if they don’t want to.

No smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs will be allowed.

You are once again allowed to sleep under your desk and will not be woken up by security guards if you sleep late. This is a welcome to all the lanners that went last year.

Bring enough money with you to buy food, snacks and energy drinks to keep you up as much as possible while you game.

For more information on the NagLan please visit its official FAQ page.


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