Bouncing Balls Strategy Game Walk-Through

Bouncing Balls Strategy Game Walk-Through

بواسطة Gaming Dude    نشر على Sep 11, 2018

Hi Everyone!

This is possibly the most addictive game ever! Its called Bouncing Balls. Literally everyone I know has been competing to get the highest score.

The aim of this game is to bounce as many balls off of the coloured blocks to deplete their number and destroy the block.

To play you hold in the main ball at the bottom of the screen and pull it back to aim. Use the indicator to know where you are aiming. Make sure to try and collect as many of the bonus balls as possible. This will help you destroy the blocks faster!

Play around with how you bounce the balls off of the walls to maximize their potential! Make sure to remove the blocks at the bottom as soon as you can, because if they cross the line you die!

I really suggest everyone give this game a try! The graphics are very basic, but it feels very much like a retro arcade game, but the music and sound are a bit too spacey for the game...

Overall Rating: 7/10

To find out more about the game, watch the video below and click on the play button to go straight to the game or download it onto your mobile device!

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