10 New Mobile Games. GLive offers a variety of games in almost every genre for you to play. We strive to be the best and to always make sure that we only offer the best of games to our gamers.

10 New Mobile Games

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GLive offers a variety of games in almost every genre for you to play. We strive to be the best and to always make sure that we only offer the best of games to our gamers. That's why we are constantly adding new games so that the choice is never-ending, which means never-ending fun! As we always adding new stuff, you might miss a new game. No need to stress because here are 10 new fun games that have just been added, so go and give them a try. 

1.  The Pirate Kid

The Pirate Kid is a fun infinity runner game where you have to run along the platforms collecting diamonds and avoiding any dangerous obstacles in your way. To ply you need to jump from platform to platform and jump over the sea urchins, crabs and mad monkeys. Also, be careful not to hit the seagulls in the sky, they can catch you off-guard! To jump just tap on the screen or click your mouse, to double jump, tap or click twice and to jump either higher and further, hold down the tap or click. The longer you last in the game the harder it will get as the pirate kid will start to run faster and faster. How far can you run in this infinite runner game?

2. Monster Jump

Help this monster jump as high as you can while collecting stars and power-ups and avoiding meteors that will stop you. To play use the arrow keys or tilt the screen to move left or left. Tap on the screen to shoot. Collect power-ups that give you big temporary boosts and collect coins to get a higher score. Some rock platforms can only be jumped on once before it crumbles away, so make sure you have a platform to jump on otherwise you fall down and you will have to start again. 

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/monster-jump

3. Pirate Ship Defense

Defend your ship against hordes of enemies that are trying to destroy your ship. They will send out different types of enemies that are harder or easier than others.ap and shoot at any enemies, level up your abilities to be able to call upon magical powers such as fireballs, lightning and poison to aid you in defending your ship. Upgrade your ship so it's stronger and better against your foes. Do you have what it takes to defend the seas, play now!

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-casual-games-games-play-now/pirate-ship-defense

4. Fruit Master

It's now time to test your ninja skills in this fun game! Throw your knife at fruit to make the different fruity drinks as fast as possible. Don't miss any fruit on a throw or else its game over. Tap to throw your knife. Time the throw perfectly to cut as many fruits as you can at once. Cut through all fruit without missing a throw to move to the next fruity drink you must make. Be careful because if you miss a fruit, you will have to start from the beginning. Change up your knives and slash the game!

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-casual-games-games-play-now/fruit-master

5. Whack a Mouse

Like the classic arcade game of Whack em All, you have to whack the mice on the target when they cross over it. Don't miss any mice, if you miss 3 its game over. To play, wait for a mouse to be on the target, then hit it to get points. Unlike the usual 9 lives of a cat, this cat only has 3 lives so if 3 mice get past you, it will bite the kitty and you will have to start again. It is a fun, cute and colorful game that you will love!

6. Jurassic Run

Build a bridge and get over it. Literally, build your bridge before the T-Rex behind you catches you. Don't build too long of a bridge or a pterodactyl will pick it up and the T-Rex will eat you.
Build a bridge between each of the cliffs to cross it before the T-Rex catches you. Collect eggs to change your skin/character in the game. To build a bridge, hold the tap or click to grow the bridge, let go of the tap/click to stop growing the bridge. try get as far as you can and collect as many eggs as you can. 

7. Unicorn Frenzy

Help this futuristic unicorn shoot down the alien skull coming towards you as you try last as long as you can and collect power-ups to help you destroy the aliens. To play, move the unicorn head around to avoid crashing into enemy skulls or shoot the skulls. Collect power-ups that will help you destroy skulls and see how far you can get. It is now your time to venture through space in this cute game, do you have what it takes?

8. Basketball Master

Move over Lebron James, because it's your turn to be a basketball master. Get the basketball through the hoop before the timer runs out. Tap on the screen to get the ball to bounce. Your aim is to get the ball through the hoop and score points. You can change how your ball looks and the background if you want. Test your skills in this really fun sporty game.

9. Las Vegas Blackjack

Play a game of Blackjack where your goal is to have your cards reach the number 21 or close to it without going over and busting out. Play the Scratch cards minigame where you must get 3 identical numbers to win that value. Play Spin the Wheel minigame and see if you can win a big number. If you go over 21 you bust and the dealer wins. If you want a boost in money you can play scratch cards or spin the wheel.

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-casino-games-games-play-now/las-vegas-blackjack

10. Beachball Fun

Beachball fun is a strategic game that will get your brain ticking. Get the beach balls into the correct buckets by cutting the chains and help the balls fall into the bucket. Strategically think of a way to get the correct ball into the correct bucket. Each level gets more and more difficult with more challenges. Do you think can solve this puzzle game? play now!

Click on the link to play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/beach-ball-fun

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