Let's face it, while most people would say that Console and PC are the biggest when it comes to gaming, Mobile is actually taking the reign! Here is why you should play more mobile games.

Why You Should Play More Mobile Games

deur Katastrophic    Gepos op Aug 8, 2019

Let's face it, while most people would say that Console and PC are the biggest when it comes to gaming, Mobile is actually taking the reign! Mobile gaming is just not given enough credit, and why? While there are so many great triple A games out there that spend billions on marketing and creating a hub around the new game coming out on PC and Console, mobile seems to have been pushed to the back with not as much attention as the rest.

Gaming is a multi-million dollar industry and is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets out there, and the statistics don't lie! According to Newzoo's 2018 Global Games Market, Mobile and Tablet gaming are absolutely killing it! The infographic shows that Mobile and Tablet gaming makes up a whopping 51% of the global games market while Console comes in at 25% and PC at 24%. I mean I'm not that surprised because mobile gaming is really cool! 

Check out the stats below.

As much as you may love PC and Console, you can't exactly throw them in your bag on your way out the door and take it out while standing in a queue or sitting in the car on a long road trip. This is where mobile gaming shines, anywhere and anytime you can play mobile games with no hassle, just ease. The convenience of having a game at the touch of your fingertips whenever you feel like it is just amazing. The choice is endless with mobile games as there are hundreds and thousands of games ranging from different genres and styles available for you.  

From being the smallest segment in the market to now being the biggest, Newzoo predicts that mobile gaming will generate a $106.4 billion dollar revenue in 2021. Overtaking PC and Console as they slowly decrease in numbers.

Now that you know Mobile gaming is lapping PC and Console, its time to see gaming worldwide. The statistics below by Newzoo show that the Asia-Pacific has generated 52% of the gaming revenue whilst second is North America with 23%, then Europe, Middle East and Africa at 21% and lastly Latin America with 4%. It shows that China is the highest when it comes to consumers buying games at 28%. 

So why is mobile gaming taking the world by storm? You don't have to be "good" or a "pro gamer" to play games, Mobile gaming is for everyone and everyone ranging from young to old. With such a wide variety of choice from casual games to puzzle, strategy, education and more, it caters to everyone. Most consumers will have a cellphone whereas not everyone can afford a Console or a PC that can support games. Whether you have a low income or a high income, there are many free games that you can download and play.

Mobile gaming has hit almost all the spots in the global gaming market and it's just going to continue to grow. Why should mobile gaming always be overlooked when its the best! Gaming can relax you, relieve pain, help your mind take a break from the world around you and the busy day you just had. Gaming has so many benefits and its not said enough. It helps strengthen your brain, tests your cognitive skills and gets your creative juices flowing while having fun at the same time. So here is me, telling you, that you should play more mobile games...especially our games. So what are you waiting for? Go and find your favorite game on our site now at www.glive.io

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