Here is everything to expect at E3 2019, what has been announced and more.

What To Expect At E3 2019

deur Katastrophic    Gepos op May 28, 2019

E3 2019 is just around the corner with only a few more days of waiting left. I know everyone is curious as to what this years E3 has in stall for us and what will be showcased. Hopefully, this helps you as here is everything to expect at E3 2019 and what has been announced.

E3 Details

  • Dates: 11th of June and ends on the 13th of June
  • Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Cost: Ranges from $249 - $695 depending on the ticket

There are 3 types of tickets that can be purchased, the Gamer Badge and Industry Pro Badge and Premium Badge which is now sold out.

The Gamer Badge is $249 and is valid for all 3 days and allows you to experience all the cool things that E3 has to offer such as games, new technology and gadgets, announcements, showcases and more. The Industry Pro Badge is $695 and is valid for all 3 days which gives you access to dedicated Industry only hours where you can attend meetings, explore the show floor and everything that's going on as well as network with other industry pro colleagues and more.

E3 Announcements

  • Unfortunately for console, Sony will not be at E3 this year, so its up to Microsoft to bring. Can't wait t see what they have in stall for us.
  • CD Projekt Red have announced that there will not be a demo of Cyberpunk 2077 that the public can play and test out. Instead, they will be showing gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 on the big screens for all to see. Hopefully, they will give us a bit more information this time and maybe get the release date, here's to hoping.
  • The writer's and producers of the Simpsons will be at the E3 Coliseum, we are not quite sure why but super excited to see what they have to say.
  • With Microsoft being the big guns this year, we will most likely get to see some Halo: Infinite, Gears 5 and maybe a demo of HoloLens 2!
  • Bethesda will be at E3 which means we might get updates and demos on Elder Scrolls, Fallout 76, Doom and more. 
  • Nintendo will be there and will provide some more information on Pokemon Sword and Shield, Links awakening remake, Mario Maker 2 and more.

While many other larger and smaller titles will be showcased, demos to play, new gadgets and tech to experience, it will hopefully be a jam-packed E3 full of cool and fun things. 

For more information, head over to their official site

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