Come on a walkthrough of THE RATS, where you have to care for your rat family while battling off other rats in the sewer, while constantly trying to steal cheese!

Walkthrough Wednesday THE RATS

By Gaming Dude    Gepos op Oct 10, 2018

This week for Walkthrough Wednesday for one of our downloadable games, we have a very interactive game. It is a mix of puzzle, simulation and casual game called “THE RATS”

Check out the in-depth Walkthrough Video:

The main aim of the game is to build up your rat "family" strength, 
you can do this by eating cheese, but you need to steal the cheese first! The game allows you to go to neighbouring rat families and loot their domain. However you have you use skill and strategy. Some rats are more advanced than others with better skills, use a larger rat to steal more larger cheese or cheese that is being protected by other vermin. 
For those times when you have to use a less trained rat, you can use the bonus items such as a smoke screen or gloves to help you grip them better! 
Feed your rats with cheese when they become hungry, and this will strengthen them to break through the wall into a newer and better home. The rats start off by living in the sewer. Each family has its own sewer pipe section to live in. The more you progress the better your home will be. They are constantly trying to escape the sewer life and live above ground. 

Another feature of the game is that you have to destroy your enemies by overfeeding them with cheese! Once they "pop" you can collect their souls which allow you to acquire new baby rats. 
You can even marry your rats to each other, and their offspring shall become a mutant rat, starting as a king rat, and ending at a vampire rat. But remember only rats of the same rank can "overfeed" each other.  

You can also be looted an attacked by other neighbours, so watch out and strike back as fast as you can by seeing who attacked you in the log book. Go steal back what they took from you, but use skills as they might be expecting you. 

You can play the game solo, but there is a functionality that connects to Facebook, and you can then play against people all around the world who are also looting cheese from their neighbours. 

The game does take quite some time to build up your rat family's strength to break through the wall, but its all part of what makes the game fun, more looting and killing! So go and download "THE RATS" and start building your furry empire now!  

Developers: INTENIUM GmbH
Release Date: 2 OCT 2013
Platforms: Android, ISO
Mode: Single Player

Overall Score: 7/10

To Play THE RATS Click Download Below


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