Walkthrough Wednesday Hearts Medicine Hospital Heat. Welcome to another great Walkthrough Wednesday! Today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Hearts Medicine Hospi

Walkthrough Wednesday Hearts Medicine Hospital Heat

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Nov 28, 2018

Welcome to another great Walkthrough Wednesday! Today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Hearts Medicine Hospital Heat. 

Being a doctor requires patience, in addition to patients! In this drama filled game, help Allison navigate her love life as she gets caught up in a love triangle while trying to deal with hordes of sick patients flooding into her pediatrics office. 

Dr. Allison Heart is the new pediatrician at the Hospital and it just so happens that her boss, Connor, is her boyfriend too! The game starts off with Little Creek Hospital on fire, as the reporter is reporting this devastating news, Dr. Allison Heart arrives in a helicopter and jumps on the roof trying to get in. As the door is jammed shut, Allison pulls at the door to try open it. It eventually flings open and she stumbles back, falling into the hole in the roof.

Engulfed in flames, the story switches to 5 months earlier as you learn how Little Creek Hospital came to be on fire. Hold on to your seats as you enter a Hospital with hidden secrets, heartache,  lies and a very messy and complicated love triangle! 

How To Play

If you have never played this game before, don't worry as there are instructions to help guide you throughout the game. When patients enter the department you’re working in, they’ll start by sitting in one of the waiting chairs. A bubble will pop up over their head indicating where they need to go. When you see the bubble, click on the patient, then click on the station they need to go to for treatment.

There are many levels to the game, each level you have to reach a certain amount of stars. You get stars from the patients you tend to. If you are quick and efficient, you will get more stars from the patients. If you are slow and keep them waiting for long, the less stars you will get. Ruths guinea pig Oliver is always hiding in different spots in the pediatrics room so if you manage to spot him while tending to patients, tap on him and you will get more stars.

Every time a patient comes in, click on the patient and then tap on where they need to go. If they need medicine, or a temperature check or a teddy, tap on those objects and then tap on the patient again. Once you have fully tended to the patient, you then need to check them out by the counter, only then will you be done with that patient. After seeing to all your patients, your shift will end and that will be the end of the level. 

After you finish every level, a new mini-game or task is unlocked. The first task to be unlocked is to check the patients breathing, you do this by tapping on the circle on the chest. Now that you have finished the first level, you will have money that you can spend on upgrading things in the pediatric ward to make patients feel more comfortable and happier. This will improve their mood and most likely give you more stars. 

After a long shift, it's finally time to have the staff party. As they boogie it down on the dance floor, one of the doctors comes running up to Allison and says her mom is on the phone. Allison freezes and has a flashback of a time her mom abandoned her at the shops when she was young. Angered and heartbroken, Allison says to mom to never call back here again! As you adventure through the levels, there are mini challenges for you to play and earn some more diamonds. Other tasks include putting on bandages, cutting of arm casts and more.

With Allison's emotion already all over the place, she finds out that her mom is sick and at the hospital where she works, but that's not all! Her old boyfriend who is head of the hospital Daniel arrives back after just suddenly leaving for a long time. Wasting no time Daniel kisses Allison in front of Connor as he still loves her. Pushing Daniel away Allison tells him that she is with Connor now! With his blood boiling, Connor goes after Daniel and tries to fight him but it gets broken up by another doctor.

As Daniel sits in his office, Victor from the board comes storming in and he is not happy! He said there have been rumors flying around that an intern was performing an operation by herself, that medicine has disappeared and that the Head of the Hospital Daniel, vanished without a trace. Daniel acting confident says they are just rumors and if they are still worried then they should investigate. Victor, still furious says that's exactly what the board will do, an investigation. 

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more complicated, Daniel calls a staff meeting telling everyone that there will be an ongoing investigation and there is nothing to hide. After the meeting, Allison runs up to Daniel when they are alone and says what do you mean there is nothing to hide. We both know it was you and I who stole the medicine, the rumors are about us!! Whispering quietly Daniel assures Allison that there is nothing to worry about and that everything will be ok and no one will find out. 

My heart dropped and this is where I stopped playing the game. I had my daily dose of drama for the day, but I still could not get enough of Hearts Medicine Hospital Heat. I was hooked! A game that is fun and lets you become a doctor helping people while having an intense storyline. I love this game and definitely recommend that you play it. Can Allison manage to separate her love life and career or is it all spiling together. Play this game to find out more about this gripping game! 

Click on the link below to download the game.


Overall Rating 10/10

The graphics are amazing, the music and sound effects used are perfect for the actions and the scenarios. The storyline is gripping and intense but does not take away from the gameplay as you still carry out shifts and tasks like a real pediatrician. The game portrays a real-life story as Allison tries to juggle her career and love life at the hospital. 

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