Walkthrough Wednesday-Breakfast Time. Welcome to Walkthrough Wednesday, today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Breakfast Time.

Walkthrough Wednesday-Breakfast Time

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Nov 14, 2018

Welcome to Walkthrough Wednesday, today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Breakfast Time. You have the option to either play the game online or download it. It is a fun game where you need to make breakfast for people in a short amount of time to keep them happy. Each customer has a drink, a sweet breakfast and some sort of breakfast meat. The longer you take to serve them and if you get their order wrong, they will get impatient and tip you less. 

You are the server in the restaurant and you need to serve the customers there daily breakfast. You need to be quick in order to get the food out fast and get a good tip. Each round you have a goal that you need to meet. In order to make it to the next round, you make the goal in tips. It sounds easy but it is a lot more challenging as there is a time limit and you must meet that goal within the limit otherwise you won't go onto the next round.

To play, first download the game and then tap on play. Your first customer will appear, take a look at the order and then plate it up. First, you select the drink, it will either be a coffee, milk, orange juice or tea. Once you have selected their drink, you go on to create their sweet part of the breakfast. This will include either a Croissant, waffle, doughnut or pancakes with different flavours of syrup to choose from. Once you have completed the dish and the right food is on the plate, tap on the tick to send. If the item is wrong then tap on the x to remove it.

Look at what the customer orders and select the food needed to fulfill the customer's wishes. The faster you are the more customers you will be able to serve and therefore will be able to meet your goal and move onto the next level. The further you go the higher the goal gets and the more tips you have to make. Breakfast Time is a fun and challenging game that keeps you on your toes. If you've always wondered what its like to serve customers and be on a deadline, then this is the game for you. You will feel like your a waiter in a busy restaurant serving lost of customers. 

The graphics are colourful and perfect for a fun cafe type feel. The music and sound effects tie in with the cafe and every action of picking out the food. Overall it is a great game and if you think you have what it takes to serve all the customers and reach the goal. Then go download and play this game now. Think fast and be quick otherwise you are going to have some very grumpy customers. 

Click on the download button below to download and click on the play button to play the game.

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Overall Rating: 7/10


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