Walkthrough Wednesday - Jelly Splash. Welcome to Walkthrough Wednesday, today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Jelly Splash.

Walkthrough Wednesday - Jelly Splash

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Sep 26, 2018

Welcome to Walkthrough Wednesday, today we decided to play a fun download game that is available on GLive called Jelly Splash. Jelly Splash is a jelly matching game with many different levels. To download the game you need to have an active membership on GLive, if you don't quickly sign up as there are also a wide variety of games available on GLive. Once you have signed up or logged in, type in the search bar Jelly Splash. Jelly splash will then pop up and you need to tap on the download icon. When the game has downloaded, you can then start the fun!

The aim of the game is to complete each level by popping jellies and completing the objectives. From breaking cookies to getting cakes to the bottom, Jelly splash will keep you entertained. Click on three or more matching jellies next to each other to pop them. Each level has a specific task you must complete, from popping a certain jelly to breaking cookies. You must always get stars but you want to try and get the highest score possible. 
All the same colored jellies that are next to each other, below or at the top of each other will disappear when you swipe on that certain row of jellies. Slide your finger on the color of jellies that you want to disappear, you cannot swipe horizontally or diagonally. You only get a certain amount of moves in each level, so use those moves wisely as you are limited. The goal is to get the highest score so that you get all 3 stars. If you get stuck and don't know which jelly to move, wait a few seconds and a jelly will shake giving you a hint that you can swipe that jelly. 
There are stripped shaped jellies and when you use them it will eliminate the whole row. Other advantages include the jelly bomb, this can be swiped with any other color jelly and eliminate all of that color jelly in the table. Jellies with stars give you extra points, so you want to try and collect them all. Each new level that you go onto comes with new obstacles that you need to pass, destroy and overcome. This makes it harder for you o reach a high score and complete the task at hand. Some obstacles include crackers that you need to break and chocolate squares. 
A great brain thinker and a game that can keep you occupied for hours on end. Once you start playing Jelly Splash you will quickly find yourself becoming addicted to this game as you will enjoy the challenge of every level. I have enjoyed this game and recommend it to others. Jelly Splash can be played by people of all ages, anyone and everyone. The graphics are fun and colorful that fit perfectly with the game and the sound effects and music used mimic the popping sounds of jelly. It's like being in a fun Candyland!
Click on the download button below.
Overall Rating: 7/10

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