Village Story Puzzle Game Review. Village Story is a fun and strategical game that challenges your cognitive skills.

Village Story Puzzle Game Review

By Girly Gamer    Gepos op Jul 25, 2018

Village Story is a fun and strategical game that challenges your cognitive skills. The game is set on the banks of a river where there is only one wooden raft floating. The objective is to get everyone, animal and object across the river on to the other side. Sounds easy right? Wrong, it’s a lot more challenging than you would think. Each level comes with a different scenario and a different problem as to why everyone can’t just cross over to the other side of the river. For starters you are only allowed two people, objects or animals on the raft, but one of them has to be able to steer the raft.

At the start of each scenario, instructions pop up telling you which characters can steer the raft, why some can’t go alone or be on the raft together and other obstacles that you are faced with when getting everyone over to the other side of the river. While you are trying the get everyone to the other side, you are being timed and your moves are recorded.

To play the game you first need to read the instructions at the beginning of each level, once you have done that you can start thinking of strategies on how to get everyone across the river. To put someone on the raft you just tap/click on that character, object or animal, but remember you can only take 2 on the raft and one character needs to be able to steer. Then you tap/click on the arrow at the bottom of your screen, that will move the raft to the other side and the characters on the raft will then hop off. To go back to the other side of the river you do the same, tap at least one person to steer the raft back and then tap/click on the arrow button.

Each level gets harder with more and more complicated scenarios for you to strategically solve. If you do get stuck you can tap/click on the 3 line button on your left hand side and a drop box will appear, there you can read the instructions again. If reading the instructions over and over don’t help and you are still stuck, you can tap/click on the light bulb box on your left hand side which will give you the answers and the order in which the characters should cross the river and come back so that everyone lands up on the opposite side of the river. Although it is the easy way out to get the answers, testing yourself to see if you can solve the puzzle is rewarding once you have completed each level.

The graphics are simple, smooth and clear with bright colours that are pleasing and aesthetic. For sound, there are is no music playing in the background, only sound affects for when you tap/click on a character and when the raft drifts across the river and back. Very simple but great as it doesn’t distract you from trying to solve the puzzle. Village Story can be played and enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

Game Ratings

  • Graphics Quality: 4/5
  • Gameplay: 5/5
  • Replay Ability: 3/5

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