TwoSdayz Robbers in Town. Welcome to TwoSdayz! Every Tuesday Kat and Curt battle it off in one of the many Multiplayer games on GLive.

TwoSdayz Robbers in Town

deur Katastrophic    Gepos op Jan 15, 2019

Welcome to TwoSdayz! Every Tuesday Kat and Curt battle it off in one of the many Multiplayer games on GLive. Today we decided to play Robbers in Town. Although it is not a multiplayer game, it is a fun game to play and you can battle it out with your friend to see who gets the farthest.

Robbers in Town is a fun and challenging game that will have you hooked the moment you start playing. The aim of the game is to help both robbers escape after a successful heist. Run and jump over the gaps between buildings, boxes and other obstacles while collecting any bags of money you can on the way to finishing the level. Tap on the right side of the screen to control the robber on your right and tap on the left side of your screen to control the robber on your left. This is where the challenge comes in, you have to control each of the robbers individually while trying to keep them both alive. Controlling one of the robbers is easy and simple enough, but controlling both of the robbers at the same time can become very challenging and somewhat confusing.

As Curtis and I started playing, the first level seemed pretty easy, it was then when we were on the next level that we found ourselves stuck. I mean you would think "How on earth do you get stuck on level 2?". Well let me tell you something, you have no clue! Level 2 tricks your brain with so many boxes not too far apart and you have to get both of your robbers over them without knocking into them. As you can see Curtis and I really struggled with this level. To the point where we almost smashed and threw our phones on the floor and was on the verge of rage quitting. How does a casual game make you want to rage quit you ask? Well, play Robbers in Town and see if you have what it takes to get past level 2. 

After what seemed like 100 tries, Curtis made it through level 2 and onto level 3, Finally! We decided to say whoever made it past level 2 will win, so I guess we can say Curtis won, for now. What you didn't see is the moment we switched off the camera I continued to play and past level 2! We both tried level 3 and well as you would expect, it was flipping difficult and we couldn't pass that either! What almost made us rage quit was if you die halfway through the level and don't pass, you go all the way back to the beginning and have to start all over again!

Overall it is a really fun game that challenges both your mind and your reflexes, which hand controls which robber and if you manage to get the hang of it. The graphics are cool and the sound effects mimic as if you have just broken out of prison and stolen valuable goods. If you think you can tackle this fun challenge then go and play Robbers in town right now!

Click on the play button to go straight to the game.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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