TwoSdayz Ludo Multiplayer. Welcome to TwoSdayz! Every Tuesday Kat and Curt battle it off in one of the many Multiplayer games on GLive. Today we decided to play Ludo Multiplayer.

TwoSdayz Ludo Multiplayer

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Nov 20, 2018

Welcome to TwoSdayz! Every Tuesday Kat and Curt battle it off in one of the many Multiplayer games on GLive. Today we decided to play Ludo Multiplayer.

Ludo, a strategic board game that was in almost every household and pulled out for a fun family game night. The older you got, the more game pieces went missing and the board game was worn from all the competitive game nights. Now there's no need to look under the couch and in every box for the missing pieces because you can play the classic board game online and on your phone!

How To Play

Firstly, search for Ludo Multiplayer on the GLive website, then click on it to play. Once you have done that, select either 2 players, 3 players or 4 players and then pick the colors you want to play as. Whichever color the play button is on, that is the player that starts. I wanted to be red so therefore I started and rolled the dice. Once you have rolled the dice, it is the next player's turn. The game will only begin once a player has rolled a 6 on the dice. You can only put one of your pieces on to the board once you roll a 6. If you have not rolled a 6, then you have to keep on rolling until you get one to start the game.

The game will then begin, each player gets a turn to roll the dice. If you have a piece already on the board and you roll, tap on that piece to move forward the number you have rolled on the dice. The aim is to get all of your pieces around the board and up to your color in the block in the middle of the board before the other players. Every time you roll a 6 you get to roll again, so you can either add another piece on to the board or move an existing one. Once one of your pieces make it onto your color strip to the center box, you need to roll the exact number in order to get into the box. If you roll a number to high, your piece can't move. 

If one of your pieces lands on another players piece, their piece will go back to their box and they will have to roll a 6 to put it back on the board. If you manage to find a good strategy, you will most likely dominate in the game, but board games such as this one can be very unpredictable. With Curtis and I, it was a game of back and forth as one minute I was in the lead and then the next minute Curtis was in the lead. 

After a tough game and what felt like Curtis rolling every 6! I lost and Curtis had claimed victory. It was a great game and definitely bought out our competitive sides. Now that you can play this great game online, you can play anywhere and anytime with your friends, and its save to say no one will flip the board if they lose. Ludo Multiplayer is a fun game and if you think you can beat your friends, then go and play this game now!

Click on the play button to go straight to play Ludo Multiplayer. 

Overall Rating: 8/10

If you don't initially roll a 6 and other players do, the game can take quite long to play out until someone wins. This is why we would knock the rating down by 0.5. Other than that we decided on an 8 as overall it is a great strategy game that we enjoyed playing. It is a classic game that comes with many memories, therefore deserves an 8.

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