Top 15 Best Facebook Messenger Games in 2018. Bored while you wait for someone to message you back?

Top 15 Best Facebook Messenger Games in 2018

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Aug 1, 2018

Bored while you wait for someone to message you back? Well, now you can challenge friends to high score games with Facebook Messengers new instant games. Facebook released a few instant messenger games in 2016, since then the list has grown to a variety of games for you to choose from and play. These games are available on your message threads and on your newsfeed in the top right-hand corner. These games load instantly as you don’t have to download them. To access these messenger games go into Facebook Messenger and then tap/click on the console remote icon at the bottom of your right-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the game section where there is an array of games for you to choose from, some single player and some multiplayer. With such a choice it may be a struggle to decide what game to choose, but don’t stress. We are here to help you out and let you know what are our top 15 games.


1. How Well Do You Know Me

Ever wondered how well your friends and family know you? Well, this game has the answer. The game asks you 7 multi-choice questions that you need to answer. Once you have finished the quiz share it with all your friends and family so they can take it and you can see just how well they know you. There is a scoreboard that shows everyone who took the test and what their score is. If you don’t like the questions the game has asked you, you can always take another one. We offer a game similar to this called The Quiz game. It may not ask you personal questions but it is a fun general knowledge quiz.


2. Tetris

We all know and love Tetris, a classic game that has been around for years. Tetris features multicolor bricks in various shapes that slowly make there way down to the bottom of the box. The aim of the game is to rotate each brick as it slowly falls down so that they all slot and fit perfectly into each other. To do this you tap on the brick to rotate it and then to make it go straight to the bottom, slide it down to drop it into the right place. We offer a game that is very similar to this called Tetris Cube.


3. Everwing

A fun casual shooter game where you play as a fairy. The aim of the game is to fly around and blast never-ending demons that are coming your way. While destroying the demons you must collect all the coins so that you can use them later to upgrade your weapon. The demons come flying at you so you need to be sure you destroy and avoid them otherwise you respawn at the start. To play keep your finger/or mouse on the screen and drag the fairy side to side to shoot the demons. We off a game similar to this called Zap Aliens.


4. Space Invaders

Another all-time classic that has been around for many years and known by many gamers. It is a simple shooting game with the aim to destroy all the different aliens before they get closer to you. You get points each time you kill an alien, each alien is worth a different amount of points. You may think you are the only one shooting them, but the aliens are shooting right back at you so you need to take cover and avoid the bullets. To play slide your finger from side to side on the screen, and every time you stop, you automatically shoot at the aliens. It is a fun game and you have the option to challenge friends. We offer a game similar to this called Galactic War.


5. Words With Friends

Do you enjoy a challenge? Well, then this is the game for you. Like it says in the name, you play with friends or you can tap on instantly play and the game will match you with someone to play. The aim of the game is to spell the largest word from the scrambled letters, as you will get a higher score. Each letter is worth a certain amount of points, so the bigger your word is and the hardest letter used will give you a higher score. 

Words with friends is very similar to the game Scrabble. The person with the highest points wins. To play first select an opponent and the create a word by dragging each letter onto a block then once the word is formed select play. Your turn is now done and it’s your opponent’s turn, once they are done spelling out a word it will be your turn again. We offer a game similar to this called Free Words. Although you don't play with friends it is a fun game that tests your cognitive skills. 


6. Jumpy Jumpy

You need to think quick on this game be quick otherwise you will have to start again. The game is about a bouncing ball that just keeps on bouncing on platforms attached to a pole. The aim is to try go down as far as you can through the gaps in the platforms, but you need to avoid the yellow part of the platforms because that stops the ball from bouncing and then you have to restart the game again. Each level motivates you to beat your previous score. We have a game similar to this called Flappy Color Ball.


7. Blackjack

A popular card game played by many people. The game offers different modes to choose from such as Sprint mode, Tournament mode and classic mode. Each mode guides you along showing you how to play, so you will never get stuck and not know what to do. In blackjack, the highest number to get is 21, try to get a higher score than the dealer to win. To play select the mode you want to enter in, then you will be guided throughout that mode on what to do. If you like taking chances, take a gamble on this game. I can assure you that you will win. We have a game similar to this called Pai Gow Poker. It is another fun casino game for you to enjoy.


8. Daily Sudoku

A game that puts your mathematical skills to the limit. Sudoku offers 3 different levels, easy, medium and hard. The great thing about accessing the game at your fingertips is that you don’t have to look through newspapers and magazines, everything is recorded and kept on the game. Your records of the dates of your games, score, timing and more. To play first select a level and then start, you are timed so you need to think fast. All the numbers are at the bottom of the screen, just tap on the number and then tap where you want it to go. We have a game just like this called Ultimate Sudoku


9. Hex FRVR

This game is very similar to Tetris, except it's in the shape of a hexagon. The individual bricks are shaped like a hexagon and so is the space that the different shaped bricks are needed to fit in. The aim of the game is very simple, you need to position each shape into the hexagon. Unlike Tetris, you cannot rotate the shape, but if you complete a full row it will then disappear giving you more space so that you can get more points. To play drag the shape and position it where you want to drop it and then let go. As soon as you run out of space, its game over. Just like Tetris, we have a similar game called Tetris Cube.


10. Golden Boot

Ever thought to yourself “I could easily make that goal.”, well, this is your chance to give it ago. It’s definitely easier than being on the field and physically scoring that goal, but its just as fun. The aim of the game is to get the soccer ball into the net while swerving and avoiding the goalkeeper and some of the players. To play tap the ball and swipe towards the goal nets. If you want the ball to curve then swipe on the screen in the direction you want it to curve. You can either chose to verse a player in a duel or a tournament or as a single player. We have a game similar to this that is just as much fun, called Penalty Kicks.


11. Ludo Club

Ludo is back, but this time you won't lose any of the pieces. Just like the nostalgic board game you played as a kid, it's now available on Facebook Messenger. You can play one of your favorite childhood games with your friends without having to be in the same place at once. Ludo can be played with either 2 or 4 players, as well as you can invite players throughout the game. The aim of the game is to get all your pieces around the board and onto your color triangle, then you win. To play first select either a 2 or 4 player game, you then tap on the dice to roll it and then choose which piece you want to move. Each player gets a turn and the game goes on until someone has won. We have a game very similar to this called Ludo Multiplayer.


12. 8 Ball Pool

Just want to play a relaxed game of pool on the comfort of your couch? Well, then this is your game. You have the choice to either play an 8 ball or a 9 ball, but before you can start the game you need to invite a friend to play against. To Play position your pool cue so that you hit the ball in the direction you want it to. The first person to sink all their balls and then lastly the 8 ball wins. Just like this one, we have a similar game with the exact same name, 8 Ball Pool.


13. Angry Jax (Thumber Jax)

A fun thinking lumberjack game. There are 3 levels in this game, easy, medium and hard. The aim of the game is to chop the tree, but as soon as you close to a branch you chop the tree on the opposite side of the branch and keep on swapping to avoid the branches, otherwise, you start again. To play select a level and then tap on either side of the tree you want to chop. We have a game similar to this called Diamond Hunter.


14. UNO

The game that was in everyone’s house when you were a kid, the good old Uno cards. This time around you can play your favorite game online and anywhere. There are 4 different modes to choose from, Go Wild, Room Mode, Quick Play and 2V2 Mode. If you can't remember how to play the game, no worries there are rules to help guide you. We have a game similar called Four Colors.


15. Morabaraba

One of our very own games! Not to be biased but we think this is a great game, and of course, it needed to be featured in the top 15. The aim of the game is to place all of your bottle caps on the board and move them around to form a line of 3. Once you have done that you can remove one of your opponent's caps and break their line. The goal is to leave your opponent with only 2 or less caps, then you win. You can either verse a friend or a robot. Our game Morabaraba is also available on


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