Snatch a New Game Taking On Pokemon Go

Snatch a New Game Taking On Pokemon Go

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Oct 9, 2018

Snatch is the latest augmented reality, location-based game in the UK and its taking on Pokemon Go!

Snatch was founded by 3 guys, Joe Martin who is the chief executive, Jamal Hirani who is the chief operating officer and Phil Lloyd the chief marketing officer. Starting off with just 4 staff, the company has grown to 40 staff with two offices. Just like Pokemon Go, you have to walk around searching for boxes, except you aren't looking for Pokemon characters but surprise boxes with a ton of free stuff you can get. Snatch is like Pokemon Go for brands, all the prizes are made up of different brands. A cool way of advertising these brands while getting some cool gifts.

Gamers have to travel real life maps to find these surprise boxes. In the beginning, they were giving away personalized gold bottles of Marmite, now you can get prizes as large as having your full year of University paid for! Prizes range from small boxes that have vouchers for gifts, meals and more, while the larger prizes can be a holiday, tvs and more. The game is free to download and play but it sounds a bit too easy right? Well, it gets a bit harder, once you have found a parcel you need to hold onto it for around 6 hours before you can redeem it. Holding onto it for that long is harder than you think as other players can "Snatch" the parcel away from you. This makes the game competitive as anyone can just come along and take your grand gift for themselves!

When the app was in the beta stage, it was downloaded 560,000 times! It has become an absolute hit and now has one of the biggest brands company to back them, Unilever. Unfortunately, the app is only available in the UK but will soon be in the US, sad for us as I'm sure we all would love to play it! I guess I'll just have to book a trip for the UK now, Tally-ho, Bon Voyage, Pip Pip . 

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