Penalty Kicks Game Review. A sports game that is dedicated only to penalty kicks. 

Penalty Kicks Game Review

By Girly Gamer    Gepos op Aug 15, 2018

A sports game that is dedicated only to penalty kicks. Your team has chosen you to score the crucial goal that will lead you to the victory. Aim the ball and kick it past the goalkeeper and into the net, if you kick the ball over the post or hit the past, its considered "out". You get 15 kicks and each ball you get in the net, you get a point. Once you have used all your kicks your score will be saved. It is a high score game so you want to try to get the best and highest score possible so that you can beat the other players. 

To play you tap on the play button if you don't understand the game, there are instructions to help guide you through. To kick the ball swipe on the screen in the direction that you want the ball to go. If you want it to be a low ball or a high ball, this depends on the length that you swipe on your screen. A long swipe up will make the ball go high into the net or over the net whereas a quick short swipe will kick the ball closer to the ground. 

The graphics are good as the colors used are bright and colorful, it looks and feels like you are in a real football match and it's your turn to take one for the team and score these penalty kicks. For music, I must say I am usually not the biggest fan of rock music but the rock music used is not that bad. Although it does get you amped to make the goal, personally I would have preferred the chanting of the crowd like in an English football game to give you that atmosphere. Sound effects included cheering and awing everytime you missed or scored a goal, as well as when you kicked the ball. It is a fun game as you feel challenged and you just want to beat your score every time! I definitely recommend it as I fell anyone and everyone can play Penalty Kicks and enjoy it.

Overall Rating: 6/10

To play the game, click/tap on the play button below and it will take you straight to the game. 

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