Check out this Imperia Online Walkthrough Part 2 - Choosing your Government and Building a new province, as well as we show you step by step how to build your village up, defeat other players villages and build your empire as you dominate the map.

Imperia Online Part 2-Choosing Your Government and Building Another Province

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Mar 5, 2019

Check out this Imperia Online Walkthrough Part 2 - Choosing your Government and Building a new province, as well as we show you step by step how to build your village up, defeat other players villages and build your empire as you dominate the map. All the basics and everything you need to know on how to build the biggest empire and expand your villages/provinces. 

The last video was part 1, where we walked you through the basics of how to play Imperia Online. This week for part 2, its all about choosing the right government for your province as well as the process of taking over more land and building province 2. 

You have now reached the point in the game where you can choose what government you want for your province. There are 5 different governments that have there own positives and negatives. The 5 Governments are as follows:


The Neutral government has no positive or negative effects.


Offensive Government aimed at fighting battles.


  • 10% faster and cheaper military technologies
  • 50% higher population growth
  • 20% lower army upkeep
  • 50% higher army carrying capacity 
  • 25% faster unit training
  • no loss of happiness when recruiting
  • 50% more resources from barbarian chests
  • 50% less honour losses
  • gold from pillages and supply train x4
  • 20% faster army travel


  • 10% slower and more expensive economic technologies
  • -5 levels of espionage
  • 30%lowers housing capacity 
  • no tribute from vassels


Defensive government aimed at province development.


  • 10% faster and cheaper economic technologies
  • 10 levels of Counter-Espionage
  • 15% higher farm capacity
  • 50% cheaper annexing
  • 100% higher garrison capacity
  • free of charge repair of fortresses in provinces
  • 50% more protected resources
  • 50% bigger fortress impact on production in provinces 
  • 10% more hit points of the fortress
  • 100% more governor experience


  • 10% higher army upkeep
  • 10% slower and more expensive military technologies
  • 20% slower army travel
  • 100% more expensive colony foundation


Offensive government aimed at great people development.


  • 20% faster and cheaper military buildings
  • 20 morale points more in attack
  • 5 levels of espionage
  • 150% bigger impact of governor talents and skills
  • 100% more general experiences
  • additional 1 inborn talent (max 4)
  • annex by force does not lower buildings levels
  • capacity of military posts x 10
  • 3 growth points after an attack on an independent city
  • 10% lower army upkeep


  • 10% slower and more expensive economic buildings
  • 5% lower farm capacity
  • 10% less protected resources
  • -5 morale points less in defense


Trading government aimed at remote holding development.


  • 15% faster and cheaper economic buildings
  • 15% higher housing capacity
  • 75% cheaper colony foundation
  • Gold from vassals and trade potential x8
  • no loss of happiness due to remote holdings
  • 200% higher market capacity
  • 10% higher colony efficiency
  • 100% higher transport station capacity
  • 100% imperial miles logistics bonus
  • 100% bigger impact of all special resources except for yew, coal, horseshoe, granite, and diamonds


  • 15% slower and more expensive military buildings
  • 20% higher army upkeep
  • -5 levels of counter-espionage
  • 20% lower province efficiency

As you can see, all 5 governments rule differently and have their own objectives as well as having different positives and weaknesses for each of them. You will choose a government based on the province you want to build, not everyone will have the same government. As for me, I chose to stay neutral at this stage as I was still trying to build up my province, gather more resources and become a strong province before deciding on the type of government I wanted. Once you have built up your province a bit, you can weigh up which government you think will benefit you and work better. 

I carried on completing quests, upgraded some of my buildings, researched some more in the university, assigned more troops and more. Remember every day you get a free wheel spin and rewards, so be sure to collect them. the more quests you do and complete, the faster you will advance to the next level. The next thing I wanted to do is attack a village and annex their terrain making it my land. To do this go to the map and look for a village that has a low army, attack that village with almost double the amount of army as your opponent. Once you have attacked the village and you have won the fight, go back to the same village, click on it and select "make vassel" and then send double the amount of army they have to fight them. 

Make sure you have won the battle in order to annex the terrain. Click on the village you want to annex and have attacked and then select "annex terrain". There are 2 ways in which you can annex the village, either forcefully or peacefully. The forceful option is to Attack and Annex, here you have to annex the province by force with a successful siege. The peaceful option is to Pay and Annex, all you have to do is pay a certain amount of resources required to annex the terrain peacefully. I opted for the peaceful way as I have more than enough resources available to dispose of and I would not lose any troops if the battle was messy and did not win. 

Once you have paid all the resources requires, you have another province, Province number 2! Here you can start to build up province number 2 with military bases, university, houses and more. Make sure to build all the quick buildings first and then just before you log out of the day, schedule the farms build, caravan build and houses build. Now your second province has no resources, but that's ok because you can send resources from your first province to your second province. To do that, click on the resource with the arrow at the top left-hand corner of your screen. A transport mission will then pop up showing a number 1 with an arrow pointing to number 2, this means that it will be sent from province 1 to province 2.

It shows the resources are for 200,0k wood to be sent, click on the little square box at the bottom right that has 00:00 and the resources will be immediately sent to your second province. Continue to send as many resources as you would like to your second province until you are happy. Now that you know how to annex a terrain and build up another province, there is no stopping you from growing your empire and building multiple provinces. Be sure to check out tomorrows video on more steps on how to grow your empire. 

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