High School Dress-Up Game Review. An anime dress up game that everyone loves.

High School Dress-Up Game Review

By Girly Gamer    Gepos op Aug 9, 2018

An anime dress up game that everyone loves. High School Dress-Up is one of our most popular games right now that everyone is playing. It is the first day of school and you need to dress up the character in order for her to look good and make a good first impression on everyone. The character gets a full body makeover, you have to choose a hairstyle and color, her clothes as well as shoes. Picking the perfect outfit is vital! To play tap on start, the character then tells you that it's her first day of school and that she needs your help in picking out an outfit that leaves a good impression. Her cupboard will then open with everything you need to get her ready for school. On the top shelf there 4 categories, hair, shirts, pants/skirts and shoes. 

First, you select the type of hairstyle and color you think will look perfect on the character, once you have done that you then need to decide on which t-shirt you like. There are 3 different styled shirts that come in a variety of colors, once you have tried on a few and decided on the one that looks the best you can move on to the pants. For pants you have 3 styles, long pants, short pants and skirts. Each of these has a variety of colors for you to choose from, but finding the perfect one that suits the shirt you selected can be tricky. Last but not least you need shoes and just like everything else, there are 3 styles to choose from. After choosing the perfect outfit you tap/click on the arrow and she will be in class, if you want to take a photo of the outfit you can tap/click on the camera icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen and it will download the image to your computer for you to keep. 

The graphics are very simple with very few details on the clothes, character and the environment. The Music is cheerful, and throughout the song there are times it sounds similar to a Christmas song which can be nice but can also become a bit annoying. While the colors aren't vibrant and the choice of clothes are few, non-the less it is a dress-up game which I am a sucker for. The game can be played by anyone and everyone who enjoys games such as this one. 

Game Ratings

  • Graphics Quality: 3/5
  • Gameplay: 3/5
  • Replayability: 4/5

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