Mobile gaming is taking the gaming industry by storm! No longer do the PC and Console rule, but the underdogs Mobile. Here are some reason why you should play Mobile Games more

Here Is Why You Should Play More Mobile Games

deur GLive    Gepos op Jan 20, 2020

Mobile gaming is taking the gaming industry by storm! No longer do the PC and Console rule, but the underdogs Mobile. It's easy to see why mobile gaming is taking the lead. With the heavy cost of a Console and Pc and let's not forget very restricted when it comes to where you can play, its no wonder Mobile is the way to go. 

Let's face it, not everyone can afford to have a Console or Pc, whereas the majority of people have cellphones. Cellphones are mobile, and that's the thing. You can play anywhere and at any time, unlike its rivals that need a plug-in connection and more. 

Here are some reasons why you should play more Mobile Games,

1. Mobility

You have the ability to play all of your favorite games wherever and whenever you want. You don't need to wait to get home to switch on your PC or Console, all you do is take out your phone and open up your favorite game. Mobile gaming allows you to have access to all your favorite games 24/7 unless your battery dies then you need to scurry around for a charger. Nowadays the WIFI is everywhere allowing you access to those games that do need an internet connection. Mobile gaming is the epitome of convenience, a device that you use every day to contact, take photos, keep up with social media and the option to play games, something that a PC and Console could never do.

2. Enter Tournaments

Don't miss that chance to win yourself some extra cash, that holiday or that cool gaming gear just because you are out and not at home. There are many mobile gaming tournaments for you to partake in that don't require you to be at home plugged in. Whether you are out shopping, at a boring family reunion or just taking a break from work, you can always make sure that you are on the top of the leaderboard by playing every time someone tries to beat your score. A constant live tournament that you can stay connected to most of the time.

3. Challenge Friends 

Playing on Mobile you can now challenge and play against friends from anywhere. Again mobile plays such a vital part of being free and not being restricted to a heavy PC or Console that needs to be connected to a screen and tons of other cables. Gone are the days where you had to wait for your friend to get home for them to accept the challenge request and then play them. Whether at a party or waiting somewhere you both can challenge each other in a fun game whilst killing some time. Not only can you play against friends but there are also family games that you can play as a team when all together. These games bring everyone together for a bit of competitiveness, fun and laughter. Mobile gaming is fast connecting and allows you to play against one another anywhere in the world without you having to be restricted to your home line. WIFI is almost everywhere and on every corner, and if not, there is always your mobile data. You are almost always connected. 

4. Different Game Genres

There are many different genres of games at your fingertips. Whatever your mood wherever you are, you could play a puzzle game, arcade adventure, MMO and more. With apps such as the Google Play Store, and the Apple Play Store, you have so many options both free and paid for. With only a few short seconds or minutes you have a new genre of game downloaded on your phone to enjoy. As mobile gaming just keeps on growing, so do games, with more and more options of genres for you to try out. The Mobile gaming industry is so diverse and caters to all types of mobile gamers.

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