Here at GameZboost not only do we provide white label gaming sites but the marketing and promotion of games and indie games as showcased on our GLive site.

GameZBoost Game Marketing and Promotion

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Here at GameZBoost not only do we provide white label gaming sites but the marketing and promotion of games and indie games as showcased on our GLive News section. With our content and video creation, we focus on the promotion and marketing of games that can be distributed to over 70 websites across more than 30 countries. Not only do we promote and market games but our content gets syndicated and can be syndicated to other media and TV sites. We can help promote your indie game so that it can reach its full potential. So what can we do to help promote and market the game you might ask, well here's how. 

Like Product definition, we need to understand what the game is all about and we do this by playing the game and learning everything about it. Once we have done that we then know how to promote it with the right content and techniques. For content and video creation, we have a studio fully equipped with the best lighting, latest camera equipment, gadgets and a whole lot more to create the best videos.

Here are the types of Content that can be created for the promotion of your game.

Written Reviews/Articles:

  • A full article or review will be written on the game that includes what the game is about, what does the game include, what does it look like, how are the graphics, what devices its available on and more.
  • How to play series on the game (Step by Step) 
  • Game updates and new features
  • This will be put on all our websites for the viewers to read (over 70 websites)

Video Reviews

  • Short 1 minute reviews of the game (loaded onto Instagram and Instagram story)
  • Long reviews 
  • Short and long gameplay clips
  • Walkthrough video
  • Walkthrough video series that comes with a written article as well
  • Game Trailer (we create a game trailer that focuses on the core of the game)

Social Media

  • Youtube - All videos are added to our youtube channel, categorized based on the game or put into its title category, with a catchy heading, and informative description that includes links to our other platforms and sites as well as the link to play the game, and lastly tags to boost the video when searched by the viewer.
  • Facebook - Content shared in the form of both images and videos, tagged with the connecting pages and tags, with links in the description to our other platforms and sites as well as the link to play the game.
  • Instagram - Content shared in the form of both images and videos, tagged developers and pages associated with the game, hashtags, reshare and added to our Instagram story.

Depending on the type of game it is, that will determine the type of content that will be produced to promote it. Below are 3 examples of how 3 different types of games were promoted, the first is a triple-A PC game called Dark and Light, the 2nd an online real-time strategy MMO game called Imperia Online and 3rd an Indie casual mobile game called Little Survivors.

1. Dark and Light 

Dark and Light is a Triple-A fantasy survival MMORPG PC game. What we have found with triple-A games, is that viewers like videos of general gameplay and more specifically videos with an objective such as this one. In this Dark and Light video, the gameplay shows you how to capture and train a longhorn as well as how to play the game. We utilized this and focused on promoting this video on all our social media platforms and sites. 

  • Youtube - The video was uploaded to Youtube with a title that stated exactly what the video is, Dark and light Gameplay 2019 and how to catch and train a longhorn. After adding a description and links to our other platforms we focused on creating tags that would boost the video and be one of the top Dark and Light gameplays when searched for. The video took off and is currently on 3248 views and is continuing to climb. 
  • Facebook - The same video was posted on facebook with the same heading and description. One thing that was done differently was that we tagged Dark and Light facebook pages in the post for it to reach Dark and light players. 
  • Instagram - Short gameplay clips were added to Instagram with Dark and Light pages tagged in the post and effective hashtags used to reach more of a gaming audience. The clips were also added to the Instagram story.  
  • Written Article - Whether you prefer to read or watch a video, we have the best of both as we have a full article explaining how to catch and train a longhorn with the youtube video embedded in the article for you to watch. Effective tags were used to optimize the search when looking for Dark and light gameplay. If you type in google "Dark and Light Gameplay 2019", you will see our youtube video is the first video and our article is the first dark and light article suggested. 

Click on the link to see the Youtube Video

Click on the Link to see the Article

2. Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a browser-based real-time MMO game. With MMO games like this one, you can spend hours, days and months playing trying to build up your empire and take over other provinces while battling other players. The content that works best on MMO games like this one is a walkthrough video series. A series of walkthrough videos showing you step by step how to play the game, how to get more resources, how to battle another province and more. Each series video is dedicated to showing you how to do something different or achieve a new mission in getting you closer to building the greatest empire. We know walkthrough series do really well on youtube, but we still promoted the videos to our site and all our platforms.

  • Youtube - A series playlist was created for all the walkthroughs. As we have played the game ourselves, we know after the tutorial you may be a little stuck and don't know what to do. This is why we decided to do a walkthrough series. The first video shows you the basics on how to play, with the second video helping you chose what government to be, the 3rd video showing you how to attack barbarian camps and the last video showing you how you can maintain your province and continue to grow. All these videos can be accessed in one playlist so you get all the information you need without having to go search for it. The videos were tagged in the Imperia Online category and effective tags were used to boost the videos. 
  • Facebook - The walkthrough series was also posted on our facebook page with Imperia Online facebook pages tagged in the video. Each video had a different cover photo distinguishing them from each other.
  • Written Article - Whether you prefer to read or watch a video, we have the best of both as we have a full article for each of the walkthroughs explaining what the objective is in each part of that series and how to play. Effective tags were used to optimize the search when looking for Imperia Online Part 1, 2, 3 or 4, each article has different tags that refer to the object or mission in that video.  

Click on the link to see the Youtube Playlist

 Click on the link to see Imperia Online Articles

3. Little Survivors 

Little Survivors is a casual mobile game created by Irish indie developers called Pensive Games. Pensive Games reached out to us via Instagram asking if we could review their game. We developed a relationship and kept them updated with every step of the process of promoting Little Survivors. We decided the best way to show how cute and fun Little Survivors is was to create a quick review that included a short gameplay with a voice over on how to play. This short and to the point review showed exactly what the game looked like, how to play it, and my thoughts an opinion on it, which we absolutely loved the game! The video was posted to our website as well as all our social media platforms and reshared by the developers personally on their page and by their friends. Very happy with the review and result, Pensive Games wanted to use the short review as an advert to advertise the game so people could see what the game was all about in one quick clip.

  • Youtube - The Short review was added onto our facebook page with a catchy name, informative description, effective tags and of course the indie developers Pensive Games tagged in the video and description with a link to their game.
  • Facebook - The same short review was posted to our facebook page tagging the Indie Developers page Pensive Games. The developers then personally shared the post to their private page and that post was then shared by a number of other people. The Facebook post was a success as it had been shared a couple of times and been seen by quite a few people.  
  • Instagram - The review was then posted to our Instagram page and our story. With effective hashtags that focused on indie games and indie developers, we tagged pensive games in the post and pages that were associated with indie games and indie developers. The post was successful and while posting throughout our platforms we informed Pensive Games the moment every post went live. 
  • Written Article - An article was written on the game explaining who Little Survivors was created by, what the game was, how to play, my first impressions as well as an overall score of the game. As we enjoyed the game so much and thought it had the right amount of fun and cuteness but challenging, we gave it a rating of 10 out of 10. The article appeals to both types of people, those that like to read and those who prefer to watch a video. The article includes both written and video content.

Click on the link to see the Facebook Post

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