Europe's Biggest Gaming Event, GamesCom 2018. GamesCom is the biggest European gaming event that lasts just about a week long.

Europe's Biggest Gaming Event, GamesCom 2018

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Aug 29, 2018

GamesCom is the biggest European gaming event that lasts just about a week long. Gamers and visitors from around the world flock to this event to see the latest games, gaming technology and gaming news that will be announced. This was GamesCom's 10th year, and each year the crowd and hype gets bigger with a mixture of geek culture, esports gaming and loads of weird and wonderful cosplay outfits and characters. Occupying 201,000 m², the exhibition was filled with 370,000 visitors, gamers and fans from 114 countries! There were 1,037 companies exhibiting different games, gadgets, technology and more. The event was 5 days long and started on the 21st of August and ended on the 25th of August 2018. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were for traders and media whereas Thursday, Friday and Saturday were for the visitors. Doors opened at 9:00/10:00 am and closed at 8:00 pm. The GamesCom convention was live streamed on many different gamining channels around the word as well as by GamesCom themselves on their website. One of our very own headed all the way to Cologne, Germany to check it out and do some business, and boy was it fun. Just in case you've missed it, here are some of the major game trailers, booths and announcements made this year.  

Nvidia's New Graphics Cards Announced 

This was was of the biggest announcements made! Nvidia showcases the new GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards that focus on real-time ray tracing. Real-Time ray tracing is a process that shows real light reflections as if each scene, object and action in the game looks real in every aspect. The cards can produce images that can almost mimic a photo as it looks so realistic. With these graphics and real-time ray tracing, the light in each scene can make the game look like a real life movie! It is considered the "Holy Grail of Gaming". These cards were shown on Metro Exodus and Battlefield V. 

Cyberpunk 2077 

The futuristic game created by CD Projekt RED is all anyone can talk about and the game that everyone wants. New upgrades and gameplays were previewed and showcased as well as talking a bit more about the game.  Cyberpunk is a futuristic role-playing video game set in the year 2077 where cars fly, technology has taken over, and the world has become this dark place. Although not much new was shown compared to E3, we will take anything we can get to see some more Cyberpunk. The game is said to be released sometime in June 2019 and I can guarantee you that a lot of us will be waiting on the edge of our seats for the moment we can get our hands on this game!

Take a look at the trailer below.

Devil May Cry 5

Developed by Capcom, Devil May Cry 5 shows the return of the infamous Dante and Nero as well as a third unknown character.  A new trailer was released showing some intense action, and just when you think you've seen it all Dante shows up at the end of the trailer on his bike that splits in half and uses it as a weapon! The release date was also revealed and now we can finally put a note on our calendar for the 8th of March 2019. 

Take a look at the trailer below. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

Sekiro fans got the chance to play and test out the game. The story is about Sekiro, a shinobi that tracks down a samurai who once kidnapped his lord and attacked him. Sekiro seeks revenge in this action and adventure packed video game. So now you have the chance to relive your fantasy as a ninja, so keep a watchful eye out as it is set to be released on the 22nd of March 2019.

Take a look at the gameplay video below from Activision.

Elder Scrolls: Blades

Another sneak peak and gameplay of the RPG mobile-based game. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Elder Scrolls: Blades is a medieval high fantasy game where you battle against others and complete quests. The graphics look insane for this game showing how technically advanced mobile games are becoming. The game will be free on Andriod and IOSS and is set to be released by the end of the year. 

The Fortnite Booth

Fortnite had one of the most popular and probably the best boot at GamesCom this year. Although there was no actual new information being released or shown for the game, they did in fact have the most insane obstacle course! The course was kitted out with an electronic riding rocket ship, a paraglider zip line, a variety of battle stations and tasks that you needed to perform against each other. To say the Fortnite area was a hit is an understatement, from young to old and big to small, everyone had fun, oh and of course there was dancing!

check out the image by GamesCom.

While this is just a few of the big announcements and happenings, other big games showcased new trailers and information such as Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, Shenmue III, Battlefield 5, Man of Medan, Life is Strange 2 and a whole lot more. There was not one moment where you were bored or out of options on what to do. GamesCom was a full-blown event that required every bit of your attention and energy. You needed to pack light but come with a heavy wallet as there was lots of spending on novelty items, games and gadgets. Playing the latest games and checking out all the new gadgets really worked up a sweat and an appetite. Just like GamesCom was satisfying your hearts gaming needs inside, outside the food trucks and buses were filling up your stomachs with a smile on your face. Outside seemed to be the resting station, where everyone regained their energy so they could tackle another round of fun-filled gaming and exploring. Food was served in old busses, I mean how cool is that. There was not much seating, and if there was it was definitely occupied by one of the thousands of gamers and visitors. Like you were in school sitting on the floor eating lunch with your friends, there were groups scattered all over the floor enjoying the breeze outside while eating some delicious food while chatting and laughing. 

GamesCom is an epic experience and will only get bigger next year with more people and more games. Until then we will just be here patiently counting down the days to the next one. Luckily GamesCon has us all covered with a countdown on their homepage. Just 355 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes and 10 seconds to go till GamesCom 2019!

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