Elder Scrolls Blades has just been released and everyone now has access to this amazing mobile game. This is our review on the game, our first impressions, how to play the game and so much more.

Elder Scrolls Blades Review And How To Play

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Apr 10, 2019

Elder Scrolls Blades has just been released and everyone now has access to this amazing mobile game. This is our review on the game, our first impressions, how to play the game and so much more. check out the video below to see some Elder Scrolls Blades gameplay. 

Firstly the moment the game become available for download on the google play store, we were one of the hundreds and thousands of people who were also trying to download Blades. After a few minutes and what seemed like waiting for forever in anticipation, the game was downloaded and opened the game. Before going any further you are shown how to use your sword and attack. Unfortunately, this was as far as we made it and could not get into early access. I was not surprised as the vast amount of people trying to get in was insane and from what I knew they were only letting in a certain number of people in groups at a time. 

After 2 days we managed to gain access and could finally explore the game that I had been waiting months for. First things first, you start off with the tutorial. You are placed in the picturesque woods where you stumble upon a mercenary who tells you that this is the queens business only, but that is not stopping you. To fight, tap and hold the tap on your opponent for a second or so and let go for your character to take a swing at the enemy. Above the character, you will see a health bar, the more you strike the enemy the lower the bar will go and then the enemy will die. The health bar at the bottom is your health bar.

The storyline is that your town has refused to pay taxes and the queen has sent her men to collect them and has caused havoc and destroyed the town. It is now up to you to rebuild the town, bring back the townsfolk and restore your home and destroy the queen. Before you continue the game and follow the storyline, you need to create and customize your character to your liking. From different hairstyles, face shapes and features, face tattoos/markings to so much more! 

There are missions and quests to complete that take you through the story. What's nice is that you get given the option to respond and ask different questions instead of just one and tapping to go next. you get to decide what you want to say or what you want to ask. This makes you feel like you have a bit more control of the game and where the story will take you. When completing missions and quests there are objects/ bags of coins/ food and more for you to pick up. Be aware of your surroundings and look out for objects that flash, you need to break these with your sword as they have hidden resources for you to collect. Once you have broken the pot or have spotted glowing wood or chest. make sure to tap on it to pick that item up. 

There are all sorts of weird and fantasy creatures that you will come across and have to kill. A tip, only strike the rat or wolves once it has leaped to attack, not while it is standing in front of you. I must say Elder Scrolls Blades seems to really have a good story filled with lots to do and explore. Unlike some other mobile games, this one makes it feel like a pc game but on your mobile device. Just like they have been promising for the last months, Bethesda really came to the table with the insane graphics! I mean come on, guys lets be real here, for a mobile game. The attention to detail, every bit of the different environments feel and look so real. They have really outdone themselves. With every game, once it gets released there's usually quite a bit of negativity and I get that. For months games are hyped up to the consumers and we expect nothing but perfection once it's released, but as for my opinion, I am loving this game so far and feel that if you are unsure, you should definitely give it a try. 

Overall its a great game with incredible graphics, rich story and a really cool fantasy medieval feel behind. Do I recommend the game, yes! Bethesda has done an amazing job and I can't wait to see what else they bring out or what changes they make to the game. I mean its free on google play so why not give it a play and see how you like it. Give us your feedback and what you think of the game. 

GLive Rating: 9/10

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