Drawing With Friends is that game that will keep you, your family and friends entertained for hours on end! Unleash your inner artist and challenge friends, family and other players by drawing the different objects, buildings and places the game offers.

Drawing With Friends The Fun New Game That Will Help You Escape and Keep You, Your Friends and Family Entertained During The Covid19 Lockdown

By GLive    Gepos op Mar 26, 2020

With the world being on lockdown and everyone practicing social distancing, it's hard to escape the reality of not being able to leave the once was "comforts" of your own home. Whilst the first few days of relaxing and doing nothing at home might have been fun. It has slowly started to sink in that this will be your life for the next month or so. Finding new things to do everyday has started to become a task and let's be honest, I don't really want to sit and do yoga, exercise and align my inner chakras 24 hours of the day! 

Don't worry because I am here to tell you about my new favorite game that will help you escape isolation and socialize in a modern way, through technology. The best games are those that can be played with friends and family and leave you in stitches from all the belly laughs! Drawing With Friends is that game that will keep you, your family and friends entertained for hours on end! Unleash your inner artist and challenge friends, family and other players by drawing the different objects, buildings and places the game offers. 

Drawing With Friends is a great game that will keep the creativity flowing and add suspense as the timer ticks away with endless laughs looking at the other players' "designs". In every group there will always be an overconfident player, a player that is all about the giggles, a serious and competitive player and all of that shows when you begin the countdown to draw, let's say a Camp Fire. A perfectionist myself, I tried to draw the best campfire within the timer, my friends on the other hand....well they tried, I mean we all cant be Picasso I guess, but I'm pretty close.

The moment my friends and I started playing this game we felt like isolation wasn't even a thought in our minds anymore. Everything had gone out the window and we spent hours and hours on end laughing, socializing and challenging eachother.

Drawing With Friends is simple and not overly complicated with so many buttons and controls making it perfect for kids, teenagers and adults of all ages. The aim of the game is to draw the object given to you before the time runs out. All the players will be drawing their own version of that object but you will only be able to see everyone's drawing once the time has finished. You will then have a couple of seconds to view all the drawings without knowing which player drew them. Decide on the best drawing out of all of them and then vote for your favorite. 

The suspense is over in a couple of seconds and then you will know whether your fellow friends and family think you are a Picasso or a PicasNO. This game is a perfect way to bond with the family, keep the kids entertained, chat and challenge your friends as well as making new friends. 

To play, first you need to be logged in and registered on the site, then search for Drawing With Friends. Your username on the site will automatically be your username in the game. To play against your friends and family, you need to create a room. Click or tap on "Create Room" where you will decide on how many rounds there will be and how many minutes each round is. You will see the profiles of the players pop up that have entered the room. If a room has already been created, just tap on play and you will automatically be added into the room.

Once everyone is ready, you can then start the game and get your creativity on! You will see at the top of the panel what you have to draw, the first round is "Photograph" and the second round "Jungle". Everything you need to draw is located on the panel at the top. To change the size of your pencil, slide the size bar to the desired size and thickness of your pen. To change color, click on the color cube and pick the color you want to use. The paint bucket will fill your whole canvas, but don't worry, if you make a mistake you can use either the redo or undo arrow and if you think that your artwork is just not going how you wanted to, tap on the bin to delete it all.

There is a chat so you can chat with the other players, have a laugh, maybe distract them so that you can beat them and have a better image as well as get to know new people and develop lasting friendships from all over. Whilst drawing, make sure to keep and eye out on the timer located at the top right-hand side of the panel. When the timer runs out you will automatically be taken to the reveal page where you will see everyone else's artwork. 

It is absolutely hilarious to see how your friends and family draw. Especially if all of you are sitting in the same room quickly trying to draw the perfect picture and then when it gets revealed you all have a good chuckle. Take a look at the drawings and vote on the one you think is the best, vote results will then pop up showing which picture has the most votes as well as how many votes the other pictures have. 

At a time like this, Drawing With Friends gives us that social connection that we are now missing more than ever. For many, social distancing and isolation has increased stress as it breaks away from our daily routine leaving many of us helpless. Since we were young, kids have always been given coloring books and taught to draw for fun. Studies have shown that drawing relaxes and calms stress and anxiety and what better way of taking control of isolation by drawing wacky and fun images with ones you love and new friends. 

I know it a very stressful time for the world, so let's have some fun, have a laugh and keep each other positive through these difficult few months. 

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