Today is part 2 of the Conflict Of Nations tutorial where we show you how to attack other nations, claim land, conduct research and grow your army so that you can take over!

Conflict Of Nations PART 2-Battling Nations and taking control over Countries

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Mar 20, 2019

Today is part 2 of the Conflict Of Nations tutorial where we show you how to attack other nations, claim land, conduct research and grow your army so that you can take over! Conflict of nations is a real-time MMO strategy game that requires you to build your nation up, start wars and make alliances. All for the final goal of world domination. As the world has broken out in a war, you need to protect your country from the other nations trying to claim it. You are the commander and it is your duty to protect your country by sending out troops to destroy those who try to battle you. You need to build army bases and conduct military research while keeping your resources high and your people happy. You can create allies with other players and their nations so that you become stronger and harder to defeat. This will help you dominate other nations and get closer to world domination.

The game offers in-game tutorials and forums for strategies and tips to play the MMO game, but once that is done it might still be a bit confusing as to what you do. There's no need to get your army in a knot because this week is all about our MMO game Call of War. Yesterday was part 2 of the Conflict of Nations tutorial where we showed you how to play the game and the basics you need to know to get your country equipped with the right weapons, military and bases.

How To Play

Picking up from where I left off yesterday, I attacked a few nations, so let's check on that. I won! I have successfully taken over, Postojna, Bern, Pula and Bastia. As you can see both France and Croatia have declared war over me because the country is red and there are x borders between our nations. As Part 1 pretty much has everything in the video on how to play the game, today is just continuing to expand my nations and take over more land. I went and checked on my research and luckily it was completed, so I filled both research slots. Always stay on top of your research so that you have an upper hand against your opponents. 

As the morale was very lower in the provinces I attacked, I decided to increase their morale. Now to completely take over the province, you need to annex that province. As you can see I never had enough resources, this I found frustrating as I constantly ran out of resources and could not get more infantry, build bases or conduct research. That is where the in-game purchases start to make a play, as you need gold to buy resources to complete missions. Now if you don't want to purchase gold in the game, it will take you forever to get more resources and continue to take of provinces and grow bigger. It is a time-consuming game that plays on the fact that you are limited when it comes to gold. Gold is what makes everything go faster and you have that upper hand. 

As I am right by the ocean, I need to send some of my troops further inland so that they are closer to the provinces I want to take over. I decided to send my 10th infantry division towards the boarders. It's going to take the troops about half a day, so I'm going start attacking more provinces. I send my 3rd infantry Battalion troops to attack Bled, which I checked back later I gained victory of the land. I then sent my 2nd infantry battalion troops up towards the boarder so I can attack more nations. After building a few more bases, I had my eye on my next target, Bregenz. So I sent my troops from Milan to attack as that province had quite a bit of resource that I needed. Sending troops to attack is easy once you understand how to. I did check in later and found thatIi won all of the battles, Victory!

If you are busy watching this video on how to play Conflict of Nations part 2, you should have the hang of it by now and ready to conquer and dominate the game. This is the last video on how to play as i thought the first video pretty muched showed you everything you needed to know. So if you have a question or anything that you are struggling within the game and you want us to make a video on how to tackle that specific task and show you how. Be sure to comment on this post, Facebook or on the youtube video. 

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