It is wartime and it's you have to take control of one of the mighty nations during World War 2! It is your duty to protect your nation by conquering provinces, forging alliances and building up your economy.

Call Of War Part 1-The Basics On How To Play

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Mar 12, 2019

It is wartime and you have to take control of one of the mighty nations during World War 2! It is your duty to protect your nation by conquering provinces, forging alliances and building up your economy. You need to conduct research on top-secret weapons so that you can become the most powerful nation and almost undefeatable. Get your troops ready, because its time for war.

The game offers in-game tutorials and forums for strategies and tips to play the MMO game, but once that is done it might still be a bit confusing as to what you do. There's no need to get your army in a knot because this week is all about our MMO game Call of War. Today is part 1 of the Call of War tutorial where we show you how to play the game and the basics you need to know to get your country equipped with the right weapons, military and bases. 

How To Play

To start off, you need to be a member and logged into the site, then click on Call of War. If you do not already have a Call of War username, the page you will be taken to will ask you to create a username then enter your email address and password. Once you have done that, you then need to choose a country you want to play as. All the countries that are available are highlighted whereas the countries that are unavailable are faded. You can either pick a country from the options given or get the select the "pick randomly" button. I decided to play as Poland. 

The in-game tutorial will then begin. "The world is at war and as the leader of Poland, you need to defend your people. Your country has multiple provinces, and your armies are stationed within.". You will then get a pop up saying that your province of Przemysl has been conquered by the enemy and you need to order your troops to recapture Przemysl. To take back control, you need to attack the enemy. To do this you click on the army you want to send to attack, a bar at the bottom of the screen will appear, click on attack and then click on the destination/city you want to attack. It is a real time strategy game so the time it says it will take to attack the city is the exact time it will take to attack. As the province has just been at war, the morale is low. To improve province morale, click on that province and then click on the gold at the bottom of the bar by province happiness on the left. It will cost you a certain amount of gold to increase the provinces morale. 

In order to have the best troops with top-notch armor and infantry, you need to conduct research. To do this you click on the little microscope at the top left-hand corner of your screen. Your research bar will then appear with all the areas of the military you need to research. Your research is broken up into days as you can only research certain things on certain days. As today is day 1, the first thing you need to research in Infantry level 1. Click on that research task and then click start research, it will move up to the research slot and to finish the research instantly, tap on the gold. To finish researching the area/task instantly, it will cost you some of your gold. As you can see there are only 2 research slots available which means you can only research 2 things at a time, and like I said it is a real-time game so of the research says it will take 11 hours, it will take 11 hours! The second research you need to conduct is under the category Armor and that is Armored car level 1. 

To construct military bases, click on the province where you want to construct and then click on the plus sign under construction. Under buildings click build for Barracks level 1, this will only take 45 seconds, the shortest of all the builds. To add troops to your province, click on the plus sign under production, this is next to construction. Then select Infantry Level 1 and click on produce, this will take roughly 9 and a half hours. This is where the in-game tutorial ends, leaving you with the Adviser who advises what you should do, but in my opinion, he doesn't offer much. You also have your economic adviser who suggests what you should build and where. You can either follow that or do your own thing or both. 

On the right-hand side of the screen floating in the middle is the province list, click on that and it will open up showing you all the provinces you own and what resources they have, what troops and buildings they have aswell at their morale. To see the other players and where you are on the leaderboard, click on the 3 little figures next to your research icon. Here you will see the name of the player, the country they own, the number of provinces they own, their points, troops, activity as well as your relationship between your country and theirs whether you are at peace or war. To get more of an in-depth look at the player, click on the player's little info icon. 

You can either construct buildings under the province list, this is an easy option when you are wanting to build the same building in multiple places. To do this, select all the provinces you want to construct in and then click on the little hammer icon and select the building you want to construct. My strategy was to first build barracks in all of the provinces with infantry. I did this to make sure that I had some back up in case another player wanted to attack me. After adding military forces to all of my provinces, I thought why not start conquering the world now by attacking and taking over another province. I decided to go for Konigsberg as they had low army and I was going to send troops from Olsztyn, Danzig and Bydgoszcz. Another province I chose to attack was Kaunas, i sent quite a bit of my troops from 3 of my provinces to make sure that they would defeat the province. 

As it was going to take a couple of hours to reach these provinces and attack, I decided to call it a day and check back up on my world domination the next day. This video is all about getting started and understanding how to play the game, hopefully, this helped you. Part 2 will be released tomorrow so be sure to check it out. If you haven't played the game and want to, use this video to get started and watch tomorrows video to continue building your own world domination. If you have any questions, be sure to comment or comment on our video on youtube or facebook. 

TIP: Conduct research and construct buildings and produce troops just before you log out so when you log back in it will have finished.

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