5 Fun And Educational Games For Kids. There are so many great games available on GLive for kids to play.

5 Fun And Educational Games For Kids

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Nov 7, 2018

There are so many great games available on GLive for kids to play. They are both fun and educational and can be played on your mobile device anywhere and at any time. Here are just 5 of the fun games you can let the kids play to keep them busy while they learn something and have fun.

1. Sheriff Callie

Help Sheriff Callie look after the town while she has lots of other work to do. A bad guy is messing with people, causing fights, settings animals free and closing the water supply to the town. It's up to you to fix what he breaks and eventually catch him. Complete fun tasks in order to get your own sheriffs badge. In a cute town in the wild wild west, can you help the people of the town by doing what they ask for? From giving them the drink they want to catching cows let loose by the bad guy, this is a fun game that the young ones will love!

2. Feed My Pet Dog

Feed My Pet Dog is a fun and educational game that will help children learn how to do Math while feeding the dog. On the right-hand side are numbers 1 to 10, with a tube feeder leading to the dog's bowl. You are faced with math equations and the answer is on of those number. Choose the correct answer for the equation and 1 pellet will travel through the tube and make its way into the dog's bowl. get all of them right and the dog will have a bowl full of food to eat.

Click on the link to go play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-casual-games-games-play-now/feed-my-pet-dog

3. Kids Coloring Book

Let the kids run wild with this fun coloring book, you are guaranteed no mess and crayon lines on the walls and tables! There are 6 images for you to chose from to color in. Once you have selected an image, pick a color and brush thickness by clicking on it, then start coloring in the picture. You have 10 different colors to choose so let your imagination kick in and begin to color. It is a game that will have your little ones occupied for hours having fun.

Click on the link to go play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-casual-games-games-play-now/kids-coloring-book

4. Locometry

Locometry is a fun and educational game to help children learn basic properties of simple geometric shapes. Children will practice looking for differences and similarities between shapes to complete puzzles. To play, click and drag the object to the blank shape on the train. If it does not automatically fit in, then it is the wrong shape and try place it somewhere else till it fits. In total there are 16 different shapes to learn from in the game. A great educational game!

Click on the link to go play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-casual-games-games-play-now/locometry/play?sessionset=1

5. Puzzle Kids

Puzzle Kids is a puzzle game where you have to place the pieces you are given into their puzzle holes. Each level you are given a certain amount of pieces with the same amount of puzzle holes. In order to move onto the next level, you must identify which animal, object or shape is placed where, then place those pieces into their holes. If it does not automatically fit in the puzzle hole, it is the wrong piece and you must try another puzzle hole till it fits. A fun and educational game withought losing any puzzle pieces. 

Click on the link to go play the game. https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/puzzle-kids

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