5 Benefits Of Gaming

5 Benefits Of Gaming

By Katastrophic    Gepos op Aug 6, 2018

While some might say that gaming is bad for you and can make you become anti-social. Studies have shown it can be quite the opposite and gaming can have many benefits. Stereotypes have put gaming into bad groups for many years and I'm here to crush those stereotypes and tell you some of the benefits of gaming. So have a look below at the 5 gaming benefits.


1. Can Slow Down The Ageing Process  

A research study conducted by the University of Iowa showed that playing games can increase your cognitive skills and slow your cognitive aging process from a minimum of a year and a half up to six years. The study researched 681 people of the age of 50 and over and tested them for 10 hours on a particular game for a couple of weeks. The researchers were very impressed because it showed a drastic improvement from when they first started and compared to those who don't game. 

2. Improves Problem-Solving and Decision Skills

No matter what type of game you play, you are always tasked with making a decision and or solving a problem like figuring out a puzzle. With environments and situations constantly changing in games, you always have to stay focused, be able to adapt, as well as make quick decisions in order to stay ahead or make it to the next level. One research study conducted showed that players that were playing fast-paced games were 25% faster in making quick decisions on questions that were just thrown at them than those who don't play games. With many games having challenges and puzzles, these games make you think of ways to solve the puzzles in order to go to the next level. This helps the way they solve problems as gamers think quickly but very carefully ensuring that the outcome is correct and positive. 

3. Can Improve Social Skills

Some people may think that gamers are introverts, in actual fact, it can be the opposite. Online gaming encourages you to become social and make social connections with other gamers online. Multiplayer games are on the rise which means you play with and against other people, this forces you to interact online with other gamers around the world as well as foster friendships with some of them. A study showed that around 70%of players play online with their friends at times, while creating more friendships.

4. Improves Attention, Co-Ordination and Concentration

While playing games, you are not only staring at a screen but focusing on every bit of detail and attention of the game. Most games have storylines that you need to follow in order to know what to do throughout the game. This makes the player obtain immense concentration and attention to every detail of whats happening in every changing environment. There are many challenges and activities the player needs to carry out which provides them with a lot of mental stimulation. In order to follow through on these tasks, the player needs to coordinate and concentrate on their physical, audio and visual movement. Thus improving their attention, coordination and concentration skills which can also be linked to improving these skills in Dyslexics. 

5. Can Help Ease Pain 

Pain is uncontrollable, even with the best medication and other remedies and methods. Although there are some great ways to help ease the pain, gaming is one of them. In 2012 the American Journal of Preventive Medicine published an article stating that 38 studies conducted showed video games had improved the health of 195 patients in their physical and psychological therapy. Games require focus, this takes your mind off the pain and focuses on the game helping ease the pain the player or individual is feeling. 

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