GLive offers a variety of games in almost every genre for you to play as well as App games. Here are our 3 new download games for you to play!

3 New Download Games

deur GLive    Gepos op Feb 11, 2020

GLive offers a variety of games in almost every genre for you to play as well as App games. We strive to be the best and to always make sure that we only offer the best of games to our gamers. That's why we are constantly adding new games so that the choice is never-ending, which means never-ending fun! As we are always adding new stuff, you might miss a new game or app. No need to stress because here are our 3 new download games for you to play!

1. Zoo 2: Animal Park

Now is your time to build your dream Zoo and get into the role of a Zoo director. Take care of wily wolves, slow sloths and lazy lions. Play with cute foxes and pandas, or pet the elephants and giraffes. Dive into an exciting zoo game story with lots of quirky ideas and unexpected plot twists. Discover an extraordinary combination of zoo simulation and tycoon games. Explore a colorful and captivating game world full of snuggly bunnies, playful horses and sweet chimpanzees. Breed all sorts of cute animal babies, scrub enclosures and expand your park. Zoo 2: Animal Park boars a wide range of animal game features and customization options. This one-of-a-kind zoo game has a lot to offer.

Click on the link to Download Zoo 2: Animal Park,

2. Lady Popular Fashion Arena

Lady Popular Fashion Arena is a fun and exciting game that gathers players from around the world to express their unique fashion styles and compete against each other. Customize every aspect of your character from your skin, hair, eyes, nose, lips and makeup to your clothes, shoes, accessories and many more. Become part of a club and make long-lasting friendships with other cool girls like yourself. Follow the in-game tutorial to learn how to play the game, Battle other players in the arena to level up faster, Customize your apartment and your character to your own liking. Are you ready to be Lady Popular and build an empire?

Click on the link to Download Lady Popular Fashion Arena,

3. Club Manager

Interested in being a coach of your own football team? Play this soccer manager game and enjoy competing against other football managers in the fun card-based football manager game. Online soccer manager game features. Football manager game with card packs and with the pack opener, you can collect the most unique and legendary cards made available in this soccer management game. Play football matches whenever you want as a coach. You will be able to play several football games in the form of Division matches and exhibition matches on a daily basis. As a director in this simulator game, you have the freedom to choose your line-up and decide on which tactics to apply. Claim a free card pack every 3 hours and become the golden manager you have always dreamed of. An intuitive user interface makes managing your top eleven, and club at large, quite easy. Chat with soccer managers from all over the world with our instant in-game chat function. Complete a range of achievements and milestones to elevate your reputation as a coach. Enjoy the soccer experience in your own language.

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